in Northport, AL US

A quick tour of "Old Bryce," a state work farm that was once part of the Bryce State Hospital.

  • Jemison Center

in St. Louis, MO US

Take a peek inside an strange funerary residence, dedicated to Mark Twain's deceased aunt by her bereaved husband.

  • James Clemens House

in Lima, OH US

Explore the old TB hospital in Lima OH, ravaged by decades of neglect.

  • Lima State Tuberculosis Hospital

in Gary, IN US

The once vibrant steel town of Gary Indiana was home to this old movie palace, now left abandoned for decades.

  • Palace Theater

in Middletown, CT US

Left to rot, Weeks Hall holds beautiful scenes of decay... and a morgue in the basemet.

  • Connecticut Valley Hospital

in North Dartmouth, MA US

Photos of the collapsing wooden roller coaster, known as "The Comet."

  • Lincoln Park

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