in Sharon Springs, NY US

This shuttered bath house in rural New York holds some interesting history and medical equipment.

  • Imperial Baths at Sharon Springs

in Detroit, MI US

A quick dive into a small but unique performance space in Detroit's New Center district.

  • Grand Quarters Theater

in Boston, MA US

This beautiful old convent contained some interesting items from both the past and present.

  • Mission Hill Convent

in Boston, MA US

Explore this intricately detailed theater in the heart of Boston's Mission Hill neighborhood.

  • St. Alphonsus Hall

in Northville, MI US

Opened in 1952, this hospital is one of the last in the "skyscraper age" of the American state hospital system.

  • Northville State Hospital

in South Fallsburg, NY US

Journey deep into the rotting landscapes of this old Catskills hotel; it can be quite beautiful!

  • Heiden Hotel

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