in North Dartmouth, MA US

Photos of the collapsing wooden roller coaster, known as "The Comet."

  • Lincoln Park

in Bronx, NY US

This island near NYC was home to an insane asylum, a boys reformatory, and a Nike missle site. Now it's home to over 900,000 unclaimed bodies.

  • Hart Island

in Taunton, MA US

Explore a rare neo-classical Kirkbride building, kept hidden from the public behind a massive anti-climb fence.

  • Taunton State Hospital

in Natchez, MS US

This old art deco gem, rotting away in a small town in Mississippi still holds some treasures.

  • Ritz Theater

Seafoam Palace

After 12 years of photographing hundreds of rotting buildings, I've finally found myself on the other side of the table as an owner! I've been working with a team of amazing artists, fabricators, and innovators on restoring a historic building in Detroit that had been disused for over 20 years. Our plan is to bring the building back from the throes of ultimate decay to become a public museum of curiosity called Seafoam Palace.

Based on the curiosity cabinets of yore, the museum will be inviting guests to explore their sense of wonder through artifacts, art, history and adventure, with a hint of musty wood still lingering in the air. We've been busy shoring up the foundation, rebuilding collapsing structure, hooking up utilities, and removing graffiti from the limestone facade. The place isn't as far gone as most of the places on this website, but restoring a 13,000 square foot building turns into a huge job! So we've started a Kickstarter project to help fund repairing our main exhibition space.

As one of the rewards ($250 or more), I'm offering limited edition prints of one of the most beautiful scenes I was able to capture - the front entrance of an abandoned psychiatric hospital I found in Italy:

Tom Kirsch Photography Print

The prints are 11x17" (279 x 432mm), signed, and will be framed with old-growth timber that was actually used in the Seafoam Palace building construction (circa 1925). You'll also get a free admission for you and a guest when we open to the public. We're also offering other awesome rewards here.

Even if you can't donate, check out our video... you'll be transformed!


in New Orleans, LA US

This Katrina-damaged school still has beautiful spaces found inside.

  • Israel Meyer Augustine Middle School

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