in Detroit, MI US

This skyscraper located in the heart of downtown Detroit has been abandoned since 1982.

  • Wurlitzer Building

in Caldwell, NJ US

Explore this large prison complex rusting away in the NJ highlands.

  • Essex County Penitentiary

in Philadelphia, PA US

Walk through these forgotten cemetery paths, discovering ornate funerary art under the overgrowth.

  • Mount Moriah Cemetery

in New Orleans, LA US

This 1905 generating station has been vacant and flooded for more than 40 years, slowly turning into rust.

  • Market St. Power Plant

in East St Louis, IL US

Peek behind the ornamental facade of this beautiful theater, closed since 1960.

  • Majestic Theater

in Kansas City, MO US

Take a quick tour of Kansas City's first black-owned and operated hospital, closed since 1972.

  • Wheatley-Provident Hospital

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