in Frankfort, KY US

A castle-like edifice stands guard over some intriguing gardens, forgotten for decades.

  • Old Taylor Distillery

in Maysville, KY US

Over thirty years of neglect have created some interesting landscapes in this old hospital.

  • Hayswood Hospital

A resting place for over three million dead, with a view of eight million living.

in Burlington, NJ US

A ghostly estate rises from the foggy banks of the Delaware River.

  • McNeal Mansion

in Aincourt, Île-de-France France FR

Wander through the endless halls of this sanatorium, quietly tucked away in the French countryside.

  • Sanatorium d'Aincourt

in Paris France FR

A veritable city underneath a city features 186 miles of tunnel and an estimated six million bodies; tread carefully.

  • Paris Catacombs

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