Valmea Convent

Located in Mechelen, Antwerp Belgium BE

  • Built:N/A
  • Opened:N/A
  • Age:N/A
  • Closed:1991
  • Demo / Renovated:2008
  • Decaying for:17 years
  • Last Known Status:Being demolished or renovated

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Valmea Convent History

This location was originally a monastery built sometime in the early 19th century. The priests left in 1845, where it was taken over by nuns, and operated as a religious school for girls. Many families would send their daughters here, where they received a bible and were taught the ways of the nuns - hardships of fasting, penance, chastity, and hours of divine service were practiced during what is called the year of Noviciate.

The facility expanded into a primary and secondary school, and also included a nursery class. A home for the elderly was built nearby, and was connected to the monastery by above-ground corridors through a garden. The facilities were shuttered in 1991; word is that the site is currently being renovated.

Photos of Valmea Convent