Usine Terres-Rouges

Located in Esch-sur-Alzette, Luxembourg LU

  • Also Known As:Aachener Hüttenverein Rothe Erde, ARBED Steel Works
  • Genre:Blast Furnace
  • Comments: 333
  • Built:1869
  • Opened:1872
  • Age:149 years
  • Closed:1977
  • Demo / Renovated:N/A
  • Decaying for:41 years
  • Last Known Status:Abandoned

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Usine Terres-Rouges History

These hulking structures are remnants of the blast furnaces belonging to the Terres-Rouges mining company in Esch-sur-Alzette, Luxembourg. The first furnace was fired up on April 10, 1872, and by 1899 three more were constructed and lit. In 1911, the factory was connected to the mill in Esch-Belval, forming a massive steel complex.

Production began tapering in the 1950s as the demand lessened, and in that time the furnaces were shut off until there were only two running. By the spring of 1977, the plant stopped all steel production. The blast furnaces have since been demolished, however the central warehouse still stands.

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