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The Latin text means "Mother and Joanna B"
I love the beauty of this old Italian villa.
yeah - that burgundy pattern on the tile really is so lovely
In the fog, it looks like this building goes on and on forever. Absolutely beautiful photo. I want this framed on my wall.
I know I'm late to the party but I still must say - B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L
Ohhh those three chairs are still smug & together about it all but the stool is trying to go now.....
I cannot imagine this cool idea for an Italian Vegas type resort not catching on. The manner in which residents were not kept informed of the developers intentions must have cast "bad juju" on the project.
Look at the louver! May be from the 30-ties? Had that look on the base of my old House before the renovation.

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Been following your page since 2008 and I love your history on all your photography!!

Kathryn (kathy) Pendlebury


I was a patient at geable psych. On ward e originally but on. Ward D mostly , from 77-80.... guess I'm just looking for someone I know from there to answer a few questions. ... Verify things? Not sure


Bob, IDK exactly where you are referring to but in my efforts to find things out I found that states have a process for hospitals and medical facilities that close down to transfer their records and... (continued)

Teri Leigh Springer

SO AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!

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