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Yes delightful view - looks like an old little city.
autoguy, I was totally about to agree with a sarcastic comment about the Joker being caring.
@ flushed..I saw on another gallery where I asked you to email me and you said you did twice but I didn't reply...I'm so sorry. I don't think I ever got your email. Today I went back through hundreds and hundreds of emails, spam and junk and I couldn't find anything. Would you mind trying again and I will look for it. My email is my name, I have another email but I don't know if that's allowed here or not. Please try again and I'll make sure I look for it. Thanks!
@Flushed...I'm sorry, I'm going to go back through my email and look. I don't recall seeing one from you, it may have gone to the spam or junk folder. Going back today and check because I would have replied to you for sure. Thanks
Curtains. We Human Beings leave curtains behind. We leave the lonely chair, hair-driers, lamps and pianos also. And books + paperwork/files.
GREAT photos!! REALLY enjoyed this one!

I have to go eat now, but I will be looking at more of your galleries after supper for sure!

Thanks for this wonderful collection and take care.
This looks like it could be a school or a college dormitory!
Wowie...this is a nice shot.
This looks ready to be used! Looks like it is in good shape, at least from the outside. Wow. Nice shot, Mr. Motts!

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Kathryn (kathy) Pendlebury


I was a patient at geable psych. On ward e originally but on. Ward D mostly , from 77-80.... guess I'm just looking for someone I know from there to answer a few questions. ... Verify things? Not sure


Bob, IDK exactly where you are referring to but in my efforts to find things out I found that states have a process for hospitals and medical facilities that close down to transfer their records and... (continued)

Teri Leigh Springer

SO AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!



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