Essex County Isolation Hospital

Located in Belleville, NJ US

  • Built:1905
  • Opened:N/A
  • Age:113 years
  • Closed:2009
  • Demo / Renovated:N/A
  • Decaying for:9 years
  • Last Known Status:Abandoned

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Essex County Isolation Hospital History

The earliest date I could find for this hospital is 1905, and back then the facility was most likely a few red-brick buildings in back that have since been demolished. These seemed like they were used as children's wards, or as an orphanage before it closed, and the spaces are quite large and airy. The newer large building looks to be in 1920-era art deco style, and were still partially in use until 2009. The colonial-style brick buildings in the first two photo galleries were demolished in 2006.

Photos of Essex County Isolation Hospital