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Kathryn (kathy) Pendlebury


I was a patient at geable psych. On ward e originally but on. Ward D mostly , from 77-80.... guess I'm just looking for someone I know from there to answer a few questions. ...
Verify things? Not sure


IDK exactly where you are referring to but in my efforts to find things out I found that states have a process for hospitals and medical facilities that close down to transfer their records and for storing them. So I would find out where in your state the authority for regulating hospitals is and they would know how to steer you to finding old records. In many places they have gone for the destroy all before someone finds them and proves what crimes took place. Well that's NJ anyway.

Teri Leigh Springer

SO AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!



Dennis Blair


Greetings Tom. my name is Dennis Blair and i am a Paranormal Investigator for the New York based Ghost Investigators New York. we are affiliated with the Travel Channel's Ghost Adventures Crew (GAC) we are very interested in possibly investigating the Dansville castle in Dansville, NY. Any info you could give us on who we may contact for being granted permission to investigate there would be greatly appreciated. thank you for your time tom and we hope to hear back from you as soon as possible. Thank You.

Hannah Meagher


Hi Tom! Hannah here - a producer on a new TV docu series for Amazon, called "LORE". Based on the critically acclaimed podcast by Aaron Mahnke. We love your work and are interested in licensing some of your photos for our show. Please email me to talk budget if you're interested. Thanks!



I am a member of a New Jersey paranormal research team (NJROPE), and would like to know who I can contact and how, on some of these locations. Please contact me so we can speak further.



Tom! I just happened to stumble on a place I do not know much about it (I am reading a book written by a patient from Pennhurst) just looked at some pix anyway I also am not an internet person I have no way to contact me other than that email. I had no idea where to send a message to tell you. I do not want to post it however because I do not know how much of the building is being used or if it is and blah blah blah. If you'd like to know by all means email me ill send it to you.



If anyone is looking to go urban exploring in south/central NJ, hit me up!

Alexis Alvarez

Would you add me to your mailing list -- hoping you have one!


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Wonderful News! See you there, flushed, Iceberg, Toot, AutoGuy!


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Lucie, of course my friend.


Donations might only skim the surface of what needs to be done for it to stay up and running. I know many of us would gladly give if it would help, but, i DO want to do as Motts said....if he can get it repaired temporarily lets try to get everyones address so we can all email and keep in touch. Iceberg I'm so sorry i keep spelling your name wrong. Forgiveness!? :)


Sad news indeed. I donated a few months ago. I guess it takes more work than I realize. Hopefully it can be saved.


Thank You SO Much Iceburg for the latest info. from Motts about the forum. Not what i wanted to hear.... :( Id really hate to lose the forum and the friendships we have made.


Flushed, Toot & Lucie, check the photo "Ride" in the Barlow Hospital gallery for some important info on the forum from Motts. It's not looking good for it.


Lynn where are you ? OK everyone chant her name maybe she'll show up and fix it again. I think autoguy has the right page there but I am unsure if Motts server service is not working right, has been hacked, or if he might be doing maintenance. He's been posting in the new gallery since the breakdown so ?????