County Morgue

Located at at an undisclosed place in United States of America US

  • Built:1936
  • Opened:N/A
  • Age:82 years
  • Closed:2004
  • Demo / Renovated:N/A
  • Decaying for:14 years
  • Last Known Status:Being demolished or renovated

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County Morgue* History

A maze of subterranean passageways from the grandiose hospital buildings above unite underneath a low and unassuming building, as its floors of function are primarily underground. A foyer leads to a musty viewing room for the family of the deceased, which is lined with dark, beautiful wood and ornate accents; behind these walls, the dimly lit tunnels connect to rooms of utmost restricted access. Places where both medical students and professionals learned and performed sometimes gruesome tasks for the advancement of medicine. Mourning took place only a few feet from miracles of medical science, all in the basement of this often overseen, unmarked building.

The hospital closed in 2004, although it was still online as an overflow / emergency facility until a year or so later, when it was sold to a developer who is currently converting the other buildings on campus into condominiums. The future of this building in particular is uncertain.

* Note: the name "County Morgue" is a pseudonym; the real name of this location is currently undisclosed.

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