Crypt of Barons

Located at at an undisclosed place in England EN

  • Built:N/A
  • Opened:N/A
  • Age:N/A
  • Closed:N/A
  • Demo / Renovated:N/A
  • Decaying for:N/A
  • Last Known Status:Abandoned

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Crypt of Barons* History

This family crypt is situated in a quaint English town cemetery, which is very well maintained except for this resting place. The bodies of the barons of a nearby castle are laid to rest inside; the dates ranged from the early 1800's to urns that were entombed around 1960. Except for a few missing emblems, the tomb remained relatively undisturbed by vandals and grave robbers despite the front door being open, which is why this place will remain anonymous on this website.

* Note: the name "Crypt of Barons" is a pseudonym; the real name of this location is currently undisclosed.

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