Königin Elisabeth Hospital

Located in Berlin, Germany DE

  • Built:1908
  • Opened:1910
  • Age:110 years
  • Closed:1994
  • Demo / Renovated:N/A
  • Decaying for:24 years
  • Last Known Status:Demolished

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Königin Elisabeth Hospital History

The origins of this place begin with an overcrowded hospital for children called "Elisabeth-Kinder-Hospital;" as a result of the need for another building arose, the facility was moved into a large structure on Karlhorsterstrasse (today Treskowallee) in southeast Berlin. Departments for the practice of internal medicine and surgery were provided, and the hospital was renamed Königin Elisabeth Hospital upon moving to the new location. It operated as a general hospital until the Soviet army took control of the property in April of 1945. It was then used as a military hospital for troops in Berlin and Brandenburg until the withdrawal of the Russians in 1994, when the campus was left in disuse.

Plans to develop the site back into a functioning hospital were only half-realized, as only one of the two large buildings on the campus were rehabilitated. The restored complex is a school for children with special needs, and stands in stark contrast to the decaying structure in close proximity.

2010 Update: The hospital has been reported as demolished to pave the way for a new residential community.

Photos of Königin Elisabeth Hospital