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Same; from the thumbnail I thought it was just a reflection in a really big puddle
It amazes me to think that the administrators have left this building to rot to the point where ice builds up in the winter! That's crazy. It wouldn't have taken long for this structure to collapse (had it not been demolished).
Iron Man's armour in the comics evolves constantly. This image seems to resemble his look from the 1970's.
Was that hole already there?
Now this looks like it could be the cover to a Nine Inch Nails album.
Amazing gallery. It's good to see you back!
It may not look it, but somebody still owns everything here.
I would not be able to resist pulling out dozens of those books and seeing what they're about.
Walking on glass = impossible to be stealthy
this sure is a cool location
resembles a part of the female anatomy
And to think people used to use this fine piece of machinery as part of their daily jobs. But now it just sits and rusts.
I wonder how all those stains were formed
I'm loving those hexgonal floor tiles there
How on earth did the goat shit get ON TOP of that table?