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I went to high school in Dee Park the early 70's and the fraternities would use this building for their Hell NIght!! We all though it was so scary
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Not to put too fine a point on it, but the base symptom of organic brain disease (schizophrenia) is delusions; common delusions include what's called "delusions of clarity" and "delusions of persecution". It is EXTREMELY common for paranoid schizophrenics to believe they are entirely sane and their doctors are viciously and unfairly imprisoning them simply to torture them for their own amusement. They often believe this to such a degree that it's quite sad to see, and it generally means refusal of treatment and (critically) refusal to take their medication, which their delusions tell them is poison prescribed by assassins (doctors).
I was a '74 grad at Pilgrim's School of Nursing. I also worked there for a short while. We go the best all around training. Far better than the current schools. It really bothers me when people make comments about lobotomies and ect(shock therapy) when the have no clue about these procedures. People were not "tied down like animals". Some restraint was needed to protect the patients. Ect is still used today.
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I'd like to ask you for permission for using this picture in a non profit, educational video. If you would give me an e mail address, I'd tell you all details. Mine is: samael0042@gmail.com
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Always thought it funny coming back from guitar center to Sag.Pkwy.South.
Awesome. Miss these buildings. There literally has been zero development here since most of the property was purchased by Walkoff in the 2000's. Such a shame.
I live in Deer Park, very close to Pilgrim. They've demolished pretty much everything. All of the staff houses are gone, and many of the buildings. I used to frequently visit pilgrim as well. The staff houses were demolished in 2011 or 2012. The very large building, I believe 23, was demolished a few years ago. It is so sad. I used to do my urban exploring at Pilgrim all of the time. I work in the heartland corporate center (part of pilgrim back in the day as well). I'd take some pictures to show you all what it looks like now if I had a way to share them here. The buildings are just piles of ashes and bricks.
Thanks! It's been a while for me as well; the last time I was there these buildings were still standing. Yes the medical building, the old male and female wards, and admin building were torn down in 2012. I believe everything else is being used by the hospital except for the old power plant and some workshops on the southern campus.
Stumbled upon your website to show friends pics of the building we used to ghost hunt in. AWESOME pics! I haven't been back in awhile but I hear the old has been ripped down, some made back into a hospital, and Suffolk College campus. Is that true
I love this shot. The light has an ethereal quality in the far room, like a ghost of its past, while pouring from the ceiling sun and nature awaken the room in its slow return to open sky. My favorite of any urban exploration/abandoned building photography that I have come across. Just brilliant!
I lived in that home-58N from 1963-1972. So many memories. My bedroom was the window above the door. And the Pine tree behind the chimney, I can recall planting that with my grandfather. Went back recently- house knocked down and tree cut down too. But, still a beautiful place. I am glad this was my childhood.
This is Home #61, where my grandparents lived. My grandfather was an Assistant Director. I spent many childhood days visiting here, sitting in the sun room (windows at the right side in this picture), "helping" Grandma by over watering her many plants, playing with some of the children who lived on "The Circle," and rummaging in the basement. It pains me to see these homes in such disrepair. There was a vibrant and diverse community here at one time.
Thank you so much Adam, for your story - as it is exactly as i imagine when i Google Earth.
Yes - we Human Beings must be absolutely quite utterly distracted + mad to tear buildings + houses like this down. Then have soul.
May you always be well Adam, and cherish those good childhood memories.
Such a lovely Gallery. Thanks. M.Motts too.