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Have to say it....

Carol Anne... don't go toward the light....
does anyone see another figure in the image? Perhaps in front lower down facing the angel?
looks like the person who was under the drier was there too long and were dried until there was nothing left of them but jerky and their coffee cup. Either that, or the drier vomited up the detritus all over the chair.
Every time I see a shot like this, I picture in my mind the door slamming shut on their own, one by one, as soon as I turn my back....
Good thing you did not pull that, the place may have burned down....
How reassuring that it's "explosion proof"..... I mean they put BABIES in there!!! What did they do before this model was invented? Or more appropriately what happened to make that tag necessary, aside from the marketing angle that is?
First Thought : Frankenstein.
Would love to see this place (or this shot) taken in fall, then in winter.
It's the "T" Virus
I see that glass and for some reason think; "what a great name for an English Pub"
Did the WHO ever play here :)
looks like he had a bloody nose and it got all over his shirt
if taggers were "artists" they would not tag a place such as this.
That would have given me a heart attack, had I not known it was there and saw it out of the corner of my eye.
I'm surprised no one had already broken the mirror at this point.