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at least the chairs are not lonely
someone interrupted when getting ready to hang themselves....
More Messenger pictures from Pluto
squint up your eyes just right and you see a picture from NASA's messenger probe sent back from Pluto
Is there something written on the tile?
OOHH number four, I can feel that one just by reading it.
Stain looks like the leftover from a suicide where someone decides to eat the barrel of a gun. Or have I seen too many movies?
Begs the question, "how did the snake hold the scissors?"
reminds me of something at Disneyland, but I can't right place it...
Just a guess here, but the table appears to be more of a space for specimen examination (imagine washing off a freshly removed brain) rather than a full exam table. I wasn't there to see it, but given that it can only be accessed from one side says it's not a table, and more of a cleaning station sort of thing.
my thoughts are they are for something to hook into them to allow them to be turned by hand?
It's the egg chamber of the Horta
I always thought they made pairs that deliberately would not match, to prevent theft.
two sided tape, used to hold up signage