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This would make a good Opacity Christmas Card.

(Rusty Bells... Rusty Bells, it's Christmas time in the la-bra-tory.... )
Are you really sure it was not a lightbulb dispenser?
Can anyone see a scene from Fantasia in this?
I keep seeing the thing in the corner saying

"OP is Gangnam Style"
....picture someone comming running down the hall, in patients garb, screaming all the way, rounding the corrner and running off into the dark......
anyone get the impression the matresses were working their way twoard the window in an effort to escape?
isn't that where the escape tunnel entrance was?
UNMASK!!!.... UNMASK!!....and the red death held sway over all...

anyone else think of "The Shining"?
if you turn away from the picture... the chair will move.
The partitions in the background do not appear to be original. It almost looks like the space was divided for some other purpose, like you would do in an office to create work areas.
My guess in the lower light wwas installed soemtime in the 1970's since I have two just like it on my house which was built in 1978.
In keeping with the theme of German sociatal laws and customs. I have heard that "flipping someone off" AKA giving them the "bird" is a traffic offense that a police officer can write up a citation for. So is just pointing to ones head (while driving) in at attemept to tell another driver that they are : "crazy in the head" .

As for the Hakenkreuz, I am just supprised that it is not seen more in places that are out of the public eye such as places like these.
looks like someone either escaped through the hatch near the floor, or broke out of it coming in.
And not one Swastika? Where is the urban artists sense of rebellion these days....
I can almost hear it now "Nurse Diesel? Ve Haft to take ze Nazal Schmears Today Ja?"