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one thing I notice is how the glass (from this side) appears to be intact, as well as most of the chrome trim. Despite the surface rust, a real dedicated person could probably restore this car.
Note to self: don't go down these stairs in the dark.
what's the diameter of that pipe? Kind of hard to tell with not object for comparison.
I would be tempted to hold the camera lens up to the hole in the door, just to see what showed in the picture.
So the question not yet asked, but so obviously must be asked is:

Did you use.........??
What a coincidence, mine are Tuesday and Friday too. :)
Are those arches bricked in, perhaps cutting off a portion of the room?
I wonder how many intact grave markers went home with people over the years. Probably left behind because of it's condition? On a more positive note, I bet people of this era would never have imagined their lives would be chronicled, and posted on a website, lasting beyond what was marked on their grave.
I guess it's some sort of restricted access vending machine. Like dry snacks that the patients (the good ones) could purchase. But the access to the machine had to be restricted at times for obvious reasons. Picture nurse Diesel coming out from behind the desk with the "snack machine key" etc.
Love the way the opening in the wall lines up with the view across the way. It makes it look like the gap was somehow filled in with a series of smaller windows.
History tends to repeat itself, as such I can both picture workers here on every level (in the past) and at the same time a similar facility in China or India (today) where the work is currently being done. I wonder if in 50 to 100 years the future equivalent of a Motts will be taking photographs there.
Have to say it....

Carol Anne... don't go toward the light....
does anyone see another figure in the image? Perhaps in front lower down facing the angel?
looks like the person who was under the drier was there too long and were dried until there was nothing left of them but jerky and their coffee cup. Either that, or the drier vomited up the detritus all over the chair.