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Why can't someone revamp this into apartments? I wouldn't mind living in a place like this if the apartment was soundproofed so I didn't hear the neighbors. Seems like such a waste, all because of money.
I hope they had plenty of warm blankets for the patients. Tile floors, large windows, brick walls, two forced air heat ducts, this must have been cold in the winter.
Concrete block walls, high beamed ceilings, tile floors, two small heat grates by the door, this place must have been FREEZING in the wintertime!!
There's something about curved hallways that just doesn't sit right with me. I'm not sure what it is, maybe not being able to see the end or who or what could be coming around the curve? Don't know, but curved hallways have always disturbed me.
Those windows.......really like them.
Very thick layers of paint indeed
...but look at the windows. It is very awesome & clever the way you may open one at the time for perfect air & breeze. Very good look. Love it.
Yes - that pitch black doorway magical event. And Smoking Permitted. Really different times....THANKS - food for thought!
The hair-driers left behind....as usual...........and imagine: SMOKING AREA. Ohhh dear.
This photo is just wonderful and I absolutely love the title you gave it. So beautiful.
I think one was a utility closet, and the other led into a bathroom.
Thanks for this wonderful gallery Mr. Motts!!
I love the doorway.
There is no wheelchair ramp?
Lovely photo!!