where is the two farm people saying grace
BRUSHA BRUSHA NEW IPANA TOOTHPASTE yes i am old and remember the commercial - anybody else ?
Mica a light
build a better mouse trap
Real old-school 6-in-1; Fun. But...where IS The Dust?????
YES - tony c. And look at the floor. It is still so good. Wonder if this old house smells like wood?
Those windows.......really like them.
Very thick layers of paint indeed
...but look at the windows. It is very awesome & clever the way you may open one at the time for perfect air & breeze. Very good look. Love it.
Yes - that pitch black doorway magical event. And Smoking Permitted. Really different times....THANKS - food for thought!
The hair-driers left usual...........and imagine: SMOKING AREA. Ohhh dear.
No mold on the tile.
This is not a single speed bike. Its easy to see the two brake wires, but on old bikes the gears was on the frame of the bike and not on the steeringbar as is usual on newer bikes.
Thank you Motts for this gallery, and i'm looking forwart to the next!
This photo is just wonderful and I absolutely love the title you gave it. So beautiful.