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well another year frittered away waiting for progress---- see ya in '18
Hi All! Can´t help myself, but have to come back and check every once in a while. So.....she is still here......amazing too.
Thanks info. This THREAD...awesome.
May you all be well is a wish.
just got back from Millbrook and saw Bennett several times- lots of little no trespassing signs in the Commons driveway and no parking everyplace - drats- however if U have seen the latest drone footage from u tube it'll show the latest condition of the ole' girl
hi there the board has been dead i still check in and am off to see bennett school oct 14- 18 the decay is soo gorgeous the )(^& fence keep me away but try i will ----how's things down under
Knock knock.Just opening the door quietly to see who's about.How are you all?
if u mean WING CASTLE NOT aS i CAN SEE BUT THE SHOW DID SHOW THE BACK BUILDING BEHIND THE CASTLE ITSELF they are the work sheds with stuff there- u may be able to find it on utube IF U MeaN bENNETT I AM GOING BACK NEXT MONTH AND WILL TAKE PICS AND HOPE TO DOWNLoAD THEM every year when i go back go Millbrook i get xcited like a little kid go figure
Any new photos of that, Wanderer?
anybody watchin' American Pickers they are at Wing's castle and Tony is selling stuff hi PW
have U seen it lately going down slow but sure
I grew up next door to Bennett College. My grandmother, Julia Pingry Haskell's parents built the home I lived in from 1945 to 1962. Many fun years playing on the college grounds which was operational at that time.
it looks like a lovely place
Just jumped on to say hi and when I get time will catch up with the posts.Hope you are all well.Take care
yeah I saw this and am sad to see it go but as progress goes se la vie