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Eugene Fischer


I recently ran across your website and find it fascinating. I lived in New Orleans for years and remember the Dixie Brewery. I do have a suggestion for the site, the Charity Hospital in New Orleans. Also, the old Falstaff Brewery might be a possibility if it has not been redeveloped.



Hi Tom, I remembered emailing you years ago and have always respected and enjoyed your work. I still live in Florida (gainesville area now) but will be in the Philly area from the 21st to the 25th... (continued)

Susan Watts


Tom or any mod, Please help me get back in to the forum. I have changed e mail addy's since I was here last but no matter what I do, I can't seem to register. If anyone can help (my username was Kitten7) please e mail me suz_watts@aol.com. Thank you! I really miss this place!

Susan Watts


I love this site and used to be a member. Now, I cannot log in or re register. Someone please help!

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