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You've created my favourite place to relax and just wonder at the motivations of mankind. Am so appreciative - thanks!



Wow..all I can say is just..wow! I've been addicted to this site since I found it about a month ago, and I am just stunned by your talent, Mr. Motts! I myself am a "wannabe" explorer..so I get to live vicariously through the photos here! I would give anything to be able to explore like this!

Mary B.


This is a fabulous site. I could look at these photos for hours! You've done a great job and the photos are just amazing and each one evokes different feelings depending on the subject. Thanks so much for sharing them here.

Paula Naujalis


I've been enjoying your photographs for several days now and must say that they are brilliant! What a great eye you have for beauty! But I have also come to the conclusion that you are either very, very brave or half... (continued)

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