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mica in sweden


Stumbling is good........honestly stumbled into this.../while looking at-for abandoned Orthodox Churches in Russia, at Google Earth/ via Cane Hill, Coulsdon, UK - the strangest event..... - and at first had no idea about... (continued)

Victoria Krawiec


I wanted to thank you for providing me with so many curiosities. I'm amazed every time I return for updates. Honestly, I browse this website hoping one day I'll find the asylum I pictured in my past life regression. I... (continued)



Greetings from Russia, I'm member of Urban3p project, the largest urban explorers' website in Russia that has a database of more than 6000 various abandoned objects (industrial, military, underground) in the forner... (continued)



I am back home after a long time, and i see a new rss link, new layout... wow, pretty work, Mr.Motts, i'm so glad you're back with new updates! I have an idea - i'd like to tweet your articles, could you add a Tweet Button next to the FB and G+ ones? Thanks. Rionka

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