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I think people were a lot thinner back then.
Looks like an expensively designed Victorian home to me. The quality is incomparable
Gosh this is depressing!!The house I grew up in was from the same era and had a landing such as this.
Actually, we may be seeing the outside of the frame. On the inside you can see where there were likely top and bottom hinges.
Stranger is that there are signs of a former transom window or at least trim work.
They don't make furniture like that any more. Now it's MDF.
Love the wood work around the door frame/jamb.
Thanks for another great gallery! It's wonderful to be able to visit these places through your photographs.
The cabinets are great and it's amazing the glass is not broken.

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Dennis Blair


Greetings Tom. my name is Dennis Blair and i am a Paranormal Investigator for the New York based Ghost Investigators New York. we are affiliated with the Travel Channel's Ghost Adventures Crew (GAC)... (continued)

Hannah Meagher


Hi Tom! Hannah here - a producer on a new TV docu series for Amazon, called "LORE". Based on the critically acclaimed podcast by Aaron Mahnke. We love your work and are interested in licensing some of your photos for our show. Please email me to talk budget if you're interested. Thanks!



I am a member of a New Jersey paranormal research team (NJROPE), and would like to know who I can contact and how, on some of these locations. Please contact me so we can speak further.



Tom! I just happened to stumble on a place I do not know much about it (I am reading a book written by a patient from Pennhurst) just looked at some pix anyway I also am not an internet person I... (continued)

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