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What a great picture. It's like being there in solitude, in a great church of the industrial age. That place is glorious in decay.
To get cloud trails in the daytime, you'll need to slow down the exposure for a few seconds; the longer you can keep the shutter open the longer the trails will get (also depends on how fast the clouds are moving). This can be done with filters on the lens and a tripod.

I used an infrared filter on the lens in this shot to be able to get an exposure for abut 30 seconds, as it cuts out most of the visible light spectrum. As a result, it makes a long exposure for cloud trails; it also darkens the blue of the sky and makes foliage appear white.

For long exposure daytime photos in color, I use a very dark ND filter which will also give you cloud trails without the infrared effect.
B R I C K: Such a good look indeed.
@Motts What did you do with your camera to have the clouds look like that?
Thanks for sharing these shots with us, Motts!
Sigh. So lovely.
Could be called Stool Life.
That is what I was thinking, Micki!

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Dennis Blair


Greetings Tom. my name is Dennis Blair and i am a Paranormal Investigator for the New York based Ghost Investigators New York. we are affiliated with the Travel Channel's Ghost Adventures Crew (GAC)... (continued)

Hannah Meagher


Hi Tom! Hannah here - a producer on a new TV docu series for Amazon, called "LORE". Based on the critically acclaimed podcast by Aaron Mahnke. We love your work and are interested in licensing some of your photos for our show. Please email me to talk budget if you're interested. Thanks!



I am a member of a New Jersey paranormal research team (NJROPE), and would like to know who I can contact and how, on some of these locations. Please contact me so we can speak further.



Tom! I just happened to stumble on a place I do not know much about it (I am reading a book written by a patient from Pennhurst) just looked at some pix anyway I also am not an internet person I... (continued)

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