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I love your sight. If you ever come to Texas LET ME KNOW! A building in the stockyards in Fort Worth is about to be torn down, it's been abandoned for a good 50 years. Gotta get some dope pictures. And if you ever make the travel to Pripyat TAKE ME WITH YOU. Fuck radiation .. That is all

Norah cheon


hi tom my name is norah I'm from south korea and i'm going to publish a music album soon it called 'beauty in ruins' i found ur photos and i thought it's perfect for my album cover picture please respond me i'm not a good english writer so i would like you to understand !!



Tom, Fell in love with your site. Have been a long-time comment lurker... Please contact me as I know of a location you may wish to photograph. It's risky, and half of the site is still occupied, but no risk means no... (continued)

Dennis Jones


I have loved your site for years! Your artwork and ability to highlight the contrast between decrepit, dank and dark buildings and the few spotted patches of hope and beauty within constantly impresses me. As for the comment... (continued)

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