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things obviously happened at this place that no one wants to talk about..and im very curious to know the truth..
Wow....I'm speechless. Another fantastic gallery! Thank you for sharing your amazing talent with us again. You are truly gifted. :-)
KNEW it was a bathtub, but first impression was a carcass. Pig was my initial thought. Truly amazing so many of us saw the same thing.
I'm a long time (several years) fan of this site and check in regulary to see if anything new has been posted. I love all of the galleries, history and amazing talent in photography. This shot just truly moved me. Perfection on so many levels.
this is one of the building remaining of the hospital...i work at worcester state hpspital ....the buildings are very beautiful.......i always thought they should do a movie in there but they have already tryed to do so ..they were denied to do so
I think it might be a poker thing. Like in medical school they have all the autopsy corpses in a tank, that looks like the poker/hook they used to grab a body to bring it to the surface.
These photos are extrememly raw in my heart, I to visited the Enchanted Forest when I was a child, then as a pre teen I'm 44 now and these pics are tearily beautiful. You have a wonderful eye. Thank you,,,,,,,,
SPrat some fabreeze, add some non-lead latex paint, maybe a throw rug and an air mattress? and hey, you're set! Oh and don't forget a generater, cell phone, etc...