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CREEEEEEEPY!!!!! Dark, stagnant water creeps me out more than pretty much anything else in these places. Shudder....
Curved window glass! Cool. As expensive as those are even today, that must have been something to see when I was new :-).
THAT. IS. AWSOME!!! What amazing patterns on one bird. It's actually quite beautiful (vulture or not). I love the fluffiness of it's body contrasted with the "swirly" quality of the wings. Maybe not the cutest FACE, but hey, we can't all be supermodels, right? lol.
Rotting flesh? :-0.....most likely a recently-dead animal, though (thankfully)..but maybe not....(eeeeww, anyway...)
Am I seeing things, or are those SYRINGES on the bottom left? >:-0. Hope I'm wrong..just saw that at first glance. Wish there was still wood craftsmanship like that still made.
Hmmm. Why would you want a REAL skull in your house? Well, I guess it would be better than just a random.....jawbone sitting there on your coffee table smiling at you :-0...eeew. Anyway, I think people (and their..ummm...leftover parts) should be left buried.
Rob P: That sounds reasonable. The bricks in the back/inside wall are the same size as the bricks on the front. If this was a wall further back in the cell, the bricks would appear larger. I looked up "standing cell", and this looks like one.
Ghost tentacle..
......I guess at least you're somewhat out of the rain, wind, and snow...and possibly a bit more secure than sleeping on an actual sidewalk or bench.......maybe??
Autoguy, I agree. I personally know someone (a normal, college- educated, working, nice-home-owning person) whose mother is intentionally "homeless". She plays the sympathy card to "earn" money panhandling (and I'm sure has other "work" of various kinds...???), but actually chooses to "live" this way. She has a "home" she has set up, and it's really odd to see, but she absolutely refuses any help. My friend occasionally cooks meals and brings them to her. To my knowledge, she is not mentally ill (though in my way of thinking, anyone who would WANT to live like this has to be at least a *little*off. Who knows.
That is CREEPY!! (to think of walking on that). You couldn't see any major cracks or holes or missing pieces in the glass under all the debris on top. I didn't know the catwalks were GLASS. I would have assumed in a building this old they would have been some kind of woven metal mesh, etc, if letting in light was the issue. Sounds like quite "state of the art" architecture for this long ago. Would love to know how they made those pieces back then. Learn something every day :-),
Really like this. Strange space. Doesn't seem like the wall was original, tho, unless they bricked up a cell from the other side to remodel...hmm. I could die of curiosity not to know what was behind that.
Me, too. I can't stand those "subway tiles" people seem to love so much in home decorating these days. The actually LOOK like a subway. Sorry, but I don't want my kitchen to look like a grungy train platform under the city (OR my bathroom to look like a public rest stop. EEWW). JMO.
Hi to those who've been on here a while :-). Haven't been on in a LONG time, but had been around for enough years for the words "soap dispenser" to make me smile....lol. Just farting around online today and thought, hmmm, guess I'll check that site again. Still got some great stuff. Thanks for the new galleries, MOTTS. :-).
LOVE THAT! That belongs in my backyard :-)