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wow, I'd hate to stumble down those stairs!
I could live here
I think this is one of your very best photographs, absolutely beautiful
Dead Charts on a Dead Isle
Enter to the dormitories of hell. . .
That's what makes it such an awesome place!
One size fits all?
Nice box! Stand them up on end, add some shelves and they'd make cool bookcases.
This was a very moving and emotional gallery as well as a fine tribute to your friend. May he Rest In Peace.
They do look like platforms from the 70s - look at the straps to hold you foot on. I don't think a form would have straps. But what do I know, all I know is I wore those kind of shoes back then, it's a wonder I survived.
5,000 years from now when they dig all this up, I wonder what they heck they will think?
It's too bad no one had the forsight to digitize all this, but like someone else said everyone just walks away. I had the opportunity to clean out the basement of a company I worked for. They told me I could take what I wanted and pitch the rest. More stuff went in my car than the dumpster. Lots of old computers, fax machines, circuit boards stuff like that. In the back there was a bank of file cabinets like this. They wanted me to pitch it all in the dumpster, but looking through the files, I just couldn't bring myself to destroy it all. There was a lot of old sales brochures for early computer equipment, legal documents, personnel records, contracts, etc. I'm glad I saved it all because now the company is gone but I have all the records.
yee haa first comment! With all the rust on these springs, I'm sure they would squeak like heck now!
This reminds me of a movie I saw (that I can't recall the name of) where all the boys slept in a room just like this.
We had these type sinks in junior high, didn't like them then, don't like them now!