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The spiders and webs would definitely freak me out, especially in the dark.
They were doing hernia checks on 10 year olds? How many kids that age have hernias? Do they still do this sort of thing because if I were a parent and my grammar school child had to line up with a bunch of other butt naked kids waiting for some guy to do this, I'd maybe not allow it. Tell them I'll have our primary care doctor do this, thank you. And from what I remember from the girls, their experience wasn't any better. I was a very shy kid at that age and hated school to begin with, was always picked on and teased so having this happen was very traumatic for me. Fortunately it didn't cause any permanent psychological damage (that I know of) but I remember classmates in tears because other kids were making fun of their naked bodies, weight issues or ahem.. shortcomings. I find it strange that they stopped that when I got to junior high, which seems to be when they should have started this. Maybe I wouldn't have been so nervous if I was older. By the time I got to junior high I didn't care what anyone did to me.
I remember those sugar cubes too now that you mention it! It's no wonder we were so traumatized as kids, between this and lining up naked with all the boys in your class while some doctor went down the line telling you to "turn your head and cough" - to this day, I still don't know what that was all about!!
there's no such thing as seeing too many movies
Mr Motts, seeing the darkness behind the subject matter, I can't help but wonder if you've ever come across any large rats or other kinds of animals in the dark? Or even large spiders or other insects? I think that would freak me out more than anything.
I was in grammar school in the 1960's and I can remember kids lining up in the hallways while some "nurse" went down the line and gave everyone a shot in the arm. All we were told was that we were being vaccinated but who knows against what. We were only 5 or 6 years old and scared to death!!
Boy I MUST be old because I remember these, that is coloring books with presidents in them.
I had a spinal puncture once, actually three times. Foot long needle right into my spine to inject something to hopefully kill the back pain. Never again, that was freakin' torture!
the metal will probably deteriorate before that Styrofoam cup lying on the floor does - -
I think I would rather live in a rehabbed hospital than a reconverted jail. I would imagine there would be more negative residual energy in a jail.
cool place for a bunch of pigeons to hang out
looks like a ceiling light to me, with a bare light bulb in it
OMG that's so funny. . . reminds me of my apartment on Lark St.
no, my head is spinning right now (more so than usual)
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