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Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think I see a nipple -
the residual foot odor is keeping the spiders away!
I'm glad to see they were cleaned out and there isn't files, patient or otherwise, just left to rot.
Being the tech/mechanical geek I am, I'd want to get this thing going again!
wow this place seems pretty professional
Nice Balls!
It is so nice to see a place just left alone without being trashed or spray painted all over.
I'd love to have this in my basement!!
wow untouched for years!
That would make a nice kitchen -
a/k/a kindling
was there at least paper to wipe with or something to read? Possibly both? Read it first, then wipe with it?!!
kept the pigeons out!
Do you recall what that little sign said? I can't make it out.