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WOW 30 years! I can only imagine the stories you can tell. Personally, I would love to hear them -
I love that striped wall covering whatever it is
I can totally see a line of nuns sitting there.
This shot makes my fear of heights go berserk
It looks to me like it would be hard to see the details from up here. . . which could be a good thing!
the fact the lights are still on would have told me to hightail it out of there and quick!
Is it possible these radiators were against a wall that had been taken down or removed to make the room larger? That would explain the location of them now. They almost always put radiators against walls and not in the open like this.
Privacy? I sure wouldn't want to be in one tub and have someone so close in another, whether we were covered or not.
Thanks flushed for the input. I guess it just unnerves me that they would lock someone in a room, dead bolted from the outside. I suppose if someone was really violent and dangerous then it would make sense. I must be "normal" because I don't think I would like it, however that normality may quickly fade and make me MORE violent if I had that in my nature.
Poor Ernie. . . he's so abused
I agree with autoguy, it's all politics, the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.
dead-bolting people in a room from the outside seems a bit dangerous, what if there was a fire and everyone runs off the floor forgetting these poor people who had the door bolted shut?
I don't know if it's the angle or the lens but this mattress looks really long.
It does seem a bit negative and severe. . . I like it!
How many scenes/stories can you make out of this. . . I can think of several.