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I wish I had the money to do this, even just to get the stuff left in the projection booth! And of course to rebuild the theater!
YEAH!!! Oh my gosh, I would have fainted if I saw this. All this equipment just left to rot, it makes me sick.
I am so hoping you got into that projection booth. . . the anticipation is killing me!
The 'no smoking' made me laugh, I don't think it would matter now!
so you went up those stairs, right? I know I would have!!
what a cool place this must have been!
OMG this almost made me cry, what a shame someone didn't try to save this. I don't suppose there's any projection booth left not to mention any equipment?
My favorite subject matter, theaters!!
wow, how awesome is this? Congratulations Mr. Motts, you sure do deserve it!! Best of luck to you.
Thanks all! This new gallery was the best present ever!
It's a beautiful building but I hate it when they just plop an air conditioner in the middle of a window, very tacky and it spoils the facade.
I'm hoping there's shots of the projection room!
what a nice theater, I'm with Freespirit - I'd love to have this and show movies in it!
smash that is, not small! Can't type!!