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I actually have some of these (not from this place) that my father had somehow gotten years ago. Gangsters from th 1930's mostly but pretty interesting stuff nonetheless.
Goats is Pigs
@ Snite - I know of that drive in. It's on Rt. 32 I believe on the top of this mountain almost. I always thought what a neat place for a drive in. Glad to see it's still there. Every time I went by I wanted to stop but I was driving a truck and working at the time so I couldn't. Now I should make it a point to get there before it closes, hopefully it never will!
Well, if there's any justice in the world, the people that vandalize cemeteries will be haunted by the spirits they desecrated!
Mr. Motts, I'm surprised you found your way out of this place!
wow, that's really disturbing. . . LOVE IT!
I never knew the significance of the tree stump. Interesting. In that cemetery I was at last week I saw one of those and it had what looked like an open book on the top of it where the people's names were carved.
Those urns weigh a ton. I have my father in one and it's a small one, like the size of a shoe box. It's all I can do to lift it.
It's so sad to see toppled headstones. After all, isn't there still a person under that? I went to an old cemetery last week and was shocked to see so many headstones knocked over or broken by vandals. No respect for the dead I guess.
kind of phallic-like (ok someone was going to say it!)
It's almost like she's looking skyward and thinking "why me?"
now it seems to be the personification of hopelessness
Cemeteries are one of my all time favorite places! Thanks for the new photos!
I'm pretty sure only the older machines are really worth anything. I had a Coke machine from the late 50s, early 60s that dispensed the 6-1/2 oz bottles of coke for 10 cents. Try to find those size bottles today, it was hard back then but I found a distributor who sold me some by the case. That machine used to keep the soda SOOO cold, practically to the freezing point. I kept the machine by the back door, by the deck and we used to lay out in the sun and get all hot, then run in a down a Coke in one swallow. Talk about refreshing!! When I moved from there I had a lot of people offer me all kinds of money for that machine and I finally sold it. Now of course, I wish I hadn't because those machines are bringing premium dollars these days.
I did a translation of the comment made in Dutch right above. . . . Do not worry people, this ostriches do not belong to the park! They are to date still well looked after by their owners which is not DadiparkNV.