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I really hate to see theaters neglected and in this condition.
how can someone take a copper dome, did they have a crane or something?
obviously it didn't work
I wish I could think of something to say! I'm speechless (for once!)
OMG what a shame someone didn't rescue that piano. It always makes me sad to see neglected musical instruments. Things that once brought joy and pleasure, now just left to rot.
This place is beautiful still, even though it's decayed to this point.
it's easy when it's open to the elements of rain, snow, etc.
because they're idiots?
That would be my guess too, horse hair. They stuffed a lot of things with that back then!
looks like tiles from a Scrabble game!
what a pity the crime and local took over and obviously won. This must've been a beautiful place in it's day.
If that's Nitrate film I'm surprised it hasn't burned up by now. Nitrate film is so flammable once it catches fire you can't put it out!
wow so they even managed to steal the behemoths of the projectors? What a shame.
what a mess
the suspense is killing me....did you get in the projection booth?