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This wouldn't bother me as much as the entrance way...that would really make me panic
I think I could live under ground, there's just something about it...
Those two white things above the shoe look like eyes. . . or a bra!
Wow this is amazing, they look like threads.
This location must be well hidden!
I know one thing, my claustrophobia would have run rampant! Thanks for a new gallery!
I for one am glad you keep some of these places secretive. For some like Kings Park it's just too late but for others it will help keep the A-holes from going there and smashing everything in sight.
Mr. Motts, what happened to all the furniture and belongings that were moved here, were they stolen or sold off? What a time capsule this would be if everything was still there but protected against the thieves.
I think once a fire was built in this thing, they just kept it going from day to day, cleaned out the ash and fed it new fuel whether wood or coal.
I think it's perfect just the way it is -
I love windows with deep window sills like this.
Nothing a little Pine Sol can't cure!
If this had ever been used as a residence, I can see the house "staff" living up here.
This looks like it could have been in a church
Mr. Motts...did you feel any bad "karma" when you were there? It seems this place has a curse on it after reading your opening story. But I'd still love to live here and call this home.