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I remember a bar in the 70's had one of these in the men's room that guys peed in.
When I clicked on Mott's link I wanted to throw up. But then I read the comments and someone said which is true, about the surrounding neighborhood declining as well. Not far from where I live there was a grand old Roman Catholic church called St. Mary's. This place was just as gorgeous as this one if not more. Awesome statues, paintings, stained glass, fixtures, etc. They had a good congregation but as the yeas pass that declined as did the surrounding neighborhood. A couple years ago they closed this church and the convent next door has been up for sale at a ridiculously low price but still no interest. Why? Because the surrounding neighborhood has become absentee landlords and people who just don't give a shit anymore. Then the drugs and crime move in and I'm afraid before too long, this place is going to be vandalized, burned or torn down. The convent next door is a huge place and I even considered buying it as a primary residence. Can you imagine? Eight bedrooms, two kitchens, a library, several fireplaces, several bathrooms, it was really gorgeous. But again, the neighborhood being a little scary is what turned me off. (that and the fact it was just too much house for one person!) It's too bad people don't get together and take back their neighborhoods and make them a place where people would want to live again. Then maybe these old buildings would be given a second chance.
Probably not Mica, the word "gay" has taken on an entirely different meaning, which is a shame. (not that there's anything wrong with that!) But then a lot of words change meaning over the years. This photo is amazing. . .it reminds me of some horror movie I saw of which the name escapes me at the moment.
Seeing abandoned musical instruments, especially ones of this magnitude, and knowing they probably were either vandalized or ended up in the landfill makes me very angry that someone couldn't have saved it.
Yup I see it.
Those hanging lamps are gorgeous, I would love to have one or two of them. This is what I don't get, if they are destroying the building, they could certainly remove things like this that are not only reusable but salable too.
I don't understand either. Why couldn't someone reuse this building or at least save the pieces of it to reuse in another building. I just don't get it why it was just demolished.
To think of that beautiful marble just tossed in the dump, what a shame. Someone should go to jail for the outcome of this building.
This looks like it was part of a theater not a church.
Look at the expression on this face, like he knew what the ultimate outcome of this building would be.
Even boarded up it's gorgeous!
There should be a FEDERAL LAW against destroying any house of worship, I don't care what religion it is. These buildings are built with such grandeur, to hear of one like this being destroyed and tossed in the landfill makes me sick to my stomach.
flushed...it seems you come back to galleries like I do quite often. I was captivated by your writings on this page in particular and would love to hear more about your story(ies). If you want, write to me (my user id is my email address). Although I have no experiences in health care I have become fascinated with the history of it and learned a great deal thanks to Mr. Motts and this web site. When I was a teenager I took care of an ailing parent, and my sister spent most of her working career at a residence taking care of handicapped adults but other than that I have no first hand experience. Thanks very much.
It almost looks like Hitler!
You can have your "lone chair" shots, your "tunnel" shots, even the "soap dispenser" shots, I'll take the hallway photos any day!