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I guess over the years you learn to be extremely observant doing this. My luck I'd trip some alarm and be hauled away for trespassing!
The dark color of the wood makes me wonder what kind it was. Mahogany? Walnut? Back then they used the exotic hardwoods more than we do now which is one reason this stuff should be saved and reused.
It would be so cool to track down some photos of this place when in use as a residence, maybe one from this very angle - then compare the two.
Thanks Dark-Star!
This looks like such a cool place to just sit and pass the time of day!
I agree, they knew how to build stuff back then. Buildings today don't seem to have the craftsmanship they once had.
Ditto on that for sure!
So what was this area actually used for?
so they actually used the water from this creek to brew with?
fall in that thing and you would be getting the shaft
Reminds me of The Enchanted Forest gallery!
can you imagine somehow falling in one of these. . . never to escape!
On second thought. . . if that's the employee manual from the prior photo, then I think I would have left it to finish rotting. Before I get yelled at, I know taking things is "taboo" and I would NOT do that. It is nice to think about though.
Although I know it's not allowed, but I would have loved to snag that book.
That's a lot of corn mash!