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That's exactly what it was for, shipping tape that had glue on it. I used one of these exact machines taping up boxes in the shipping and receiving dept of a store I worked in. This is going back to the late 1970s but I'm sure they were used well after that.
I'll admit it too, so do I! Brings back memories of pre-desktop computer days. I do like the play of light and shadow though, pretty cool.
Ahhhh, the end of an era indeed. Very sad. Personally, I prefer the land yachts.
Being the avid Wurlitzer (and Seeburg) jukebox collector and restorer the majority of my adult life, I was thrilled to see this new gallery. Can't wait to see the inside photos.
what a dismal place
I just lost my lunch!
No Kidding! Imagine having to "go" in the middle of the night with your cell-mates head right there sleeping.
Looks like the apartment complex where I live!
I actually have some of these (not from this place) that my father had somehow gotten years ago. Gangsters from th 1930's mostly but pretty interesting stuff nonetheless.
Goats is Pigs
@ Snite - I know of that drive in. It's on Rt. 32 I believe on the top of this mountain almost. I always thought what a neat place for a drive in. Glad to see it's still there. Every time I went by I wanted to stop but I was driving a truck and working at the time so I couldn't. Now I should make it a point to get there before it closes, hopefully it never will!
Well, if there's any justice in the world, the people that vandalize cemeteries will be haunted by the spirits they desecrated!
Mr. Motts, I'm surprised you found your way out of this place!
wow, that's really disturbing. . . LOVE IT!
I never knew the significance of the tree stump. Interesting. In that cemetery I was at last week I saw one of those and it had what looked like an open book on the top of it where the people's names were carved.