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It's a shame but soon Detroit is going to be nothing more than prairie land. By the time they finish demolishing all the abandoned buildings, and with many people fleeing like rats off a sinking ship, what else is left? It's unfortunate that any American city has to go through this.
I'm sure it looked a lot nicer when it was in use and newer.
Reminds me of a Smurf house!
Wow, talk about your skid marks!
Speaking of doors, that door with the windows in it reminds me of my mothers house. She had them between the living room and dining room and always called them "French Doors". Not sure how accurate that was, but they were nice.
That orange one on the right HAS to be from the 70s
The people that set this place on fire should burn in Hell for all eternity.
I know this is late but for whatever it's worth. . . there was an overhead tram system in a department store in downtown Schenectady that was used for sending merchandise from the stock area down to the floors where the customers were. I imagine this may have been similar?
I've had days where I felt like I probably looked like this, good gosh!
dare I ask? Why are Kelloggs products banned?
Looks like Bubba Higgins was here!
this room would make a killer "man cave" (with a little tidying up) -
I love doors with transoms over them
Oh, what those eyes have seen!
This would make cool apartments, I know I'd live there with a setting like that to look out on.