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I thought I had seen every WB cartoon made, I don't recall that one. Now my curiosity is peaked and will have to try to find it.
You had to plug this thing in in order to get it to work?
I look at this today and I see a "spinal column" -
With a few modifications of course!
Yeah, I'd love this thing in my front yard! The old Westinghouse logo is cool. Someone really should have tried to keep this in good condition.
I'd like to live in this thing!
I wonder what kind of sound this thing made when it was running.
The thought that came to my head was "subway tunnel" - this thing is amazing. I do hope someone is able to save and preserve it, if it isn't too late.
Tough photo yes, for some, but your experience and brilliance was able to capture this image to perfection!
I would have felt like I was inside a rocket
good thing he didn't get stuck
This is SO cool!
Again, LOVE this stuff! It would be awesome if someone that actually worked here decades ago saw this and left some comments! Going to hope and come back to see.
I was here yesterday and didn't see this, you must have posted it during the night! I love this type of stuff, scientific, nuclear, electrical. . .it fascinates me. Thanks for this new set of photos, I can't wait to get into them!
This is in reply to Lynne's comment although I do realize it is several years after. Maybe it will be seen if people are like me and regularly visit this site to look over old galleries. I agree with most of what you say, but at the same time I have to put my two cents in and say that perhaps the reason why people don't report stuff, even anonymously, is maybe because they don't want to have to deal with the after effects. I didn't work in a health care environment, but in retail at the time and I reported things that I saw someone doing that I felt was wrong. Basically theft. Well, I was labeled the "whistle blower" and my life was hell afterwards. Granted this wasn't a situation of people being harmed or abused, but the principle is the same. The company ended up firing the one who was doing the dirt, but I had to live with it after and continue to work there, and let me tell you it was extremely uncomfortable. I felt as though they did not trust ME even though I was the one doing the "snitching". So perhaps the reason WHY people don't report abuse is because they don't want to have to deal with the aftermath of being called a whistle blower and being treated worse than the person doing the crime. This is just my opinion because I lived through it, but I'll tell you, if I had to do it over I would have kept my big fat mouth SHUT.