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I for one am glad you keep some of these places secretive. For some like Kings Park it's just too late but for others it will help keep the A-holes from going there and smashing everything in sight.
Mr. Motts, what happened to all the furniture and belongings that were moved here, were they stolen or sold off? What a time capsule this would be if everything was still there but protected against the thieves.
I think once a fire was built in this thing, they just kept it going from day to day, cleaned out the ash and fed it new fuel whether wood or coal.
I think it's perfect just the way it is -
I love windows with deep window sills like this.
Nothing a little Pine Sol can't cure!
If this had ever been used as a residence, I can see the house "staff" living up here.
This looks like it could have been in a church
Mr. Motts...did you feel any bad "karma" when you were there? It seems this place has a curse on it after reading your opening story. But I'd still love to live here and call this home.
Someone should spray paint that on the chest of whoever did that!
Agreed! But what a find! Lucky Mr. Motts, I envy him so!
Any way you look at it, war is hell.
Not until you do the math...2017-1982 = 35 years! When you see it like this you think holy cow, 35 years ago!
I went to a "Pain Management" office for years so after all that time they had quite a bit of paperwork on me. When I was told the office was going to close, I asked for my file(s). They REFUSED and said they were "going into storage". So I had a big battle with these people, if they were closing, then why did they need to keep my files? I was still alive and asking for them, but they would not turn them over. Why?!? What ended up happening, because I made such a stink about it, was that they made a COPY of everything (supposedly) that was in my file, but I had to pay for it. Cost me a couple hundred dollars for a copy of my stuff, but they still had the originals off to storage. I often wonder what ever happened to my records because I had heard that a while later the office reopened. Very strange.