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Yeah, there was no image with this particular machine. Chiropractors use ultrasound machines today to loosen up tense back muscles. I've had it done many times. There are other versions of ultrasound machines that do produce images like the kind they use to look at a pregnant woman. Same principle, different applications.
froth me up a nice bacteria frappe please
I wonder what kind of heat those things put out? They look more intense than the usual heat lamp.
I'd have hated to fall asleep on that bed and then wake up to see that thing staring at me!
just a caution, don't drink a lot of it, and make sure you're not allergic otherwise it can wreck havoc on your insides (aka diarrhea).
Sorry, I had "Saratoga" on my mind. This cold weather has my brain frozen! This gallery is about Sharon Springs, Saratoga Springs was east of here but had the same kind of springs and baths. Saratoga is also home to a race track and casino, I don't think Sharon Springs has either. Both places were known for their healing waters.
Douche Toys
yes a shower for your insides
I remember being here when it was in use. . .what a shame it isn't any more.
You know I don't recall the temperature of the water but something wants me to say it was "room temperature" meaning not warm or cold. I don't believe these places were heated and it was seasonal so you would go in the summer months. It's been many many years since I've been to Saratoga Springs, although I have in recent times been to the track and casino.
Yes the sulfur water was like mineral water and people could drink it. As I said, I remember going up here as a kid and my parents would fill jugs with the water to bring home and enjoy. Many people did this. As a kid I couldn't get into it, but now I wouldn't mind a bottle of this stuff!! There's a place in Texas known for their healing waters and they actually bottle and sell it. Called "Crazy Water" depending on the mineral content you bought (and they sell several varieties) the taste could vary from regular water to a very strong mineral taste. I personally like the stronger kind and find it gives you a little "kick".
If I'm not mistaken Saratoga had (and may still have) baths where people could go and lounge in these pools of water, they claimed was very healthy. I remember doing this many years ago. Not sure of the health aspects but it was a very pleasurable experience.
All the buildings as well as the scenery up here are gorgeous!
Many of the fountains up here would dispense that "sulfur" water that smelled like rotten eggs. If you could get past the smell, they claimed it had great healing powers. Many people including myself and my parents used to go up here with empty jugs and fill them up with sulfur water to bring home and drink. Plus it was free.
Boy, do I need to visit this place! I had 15 eye surgeries last year and who knows how many I'm in for this year.