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I think they installed the equipment first, then built the building around it!
I just fell off my chair
BKW - that "pile" looks just like that. . a pile! Hard to tell if it's dog or human but either way it's gross. I do like the wide-plank floors though. I wonder if they were covered at some point with carpet, hardwood or linoleum?
yup Chock full o Nuts coffee, which is still around. Not sure about Chase & Sanborn. My mother used to buy that brand, I recall it was POWERFUL STRONG coffee and would send me running for the bathroom!!
I want that Civil Defense sign!
There aren't enough mattresses for the Princess and her Pea, I think there had to have been about 20 - and yes Spongebob does sleep.
that hole looks just the right size for someone's foot!
I know, which is why he should protect it with a trademark, if possible.
I knew someone that had a sink like that in their kitchen. It was in an old two family flat. The sink was nice, but it was extremely low and standing there any length of time did a number on your back. It was also pretty rough on dishes if you happen to drop any.
@ Mica, at the risk of sounding ignorant, what does this "FTW" mean that I see you leave with a lot of comments? Is it WTF backwards?
wow I would have tried to buy that chair from whoever owned this place, it's a shame it just sat that to rot.
I can see how that fence would be a challenge to get over
look at that tin ceiling. . . they don't build them like this anymore
I know I would have tried
Spongebob sleeps on a bed like that!!