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With all the homeless people in the US, something I think is appalling, I don't understand why places like this (and there are many) can't be either given or sold very cheaply to someone who could put some "sweat-equity" into the property and then live there. There are so many boarded up and vacant properties in so many cities, why can't something be done so people don't have to live on the street? I'm sure the reason is all politics but frankly, I just don't get it.
That's a shame, I'd rather look at the abandoned buildings!
I for two would have gladly purchased one of these houses, fixed it up and lived there.
Those houses are gorgeous, it is a shame they couldn't build a new neighborhood around them.
I love when there are old photos to compare the new ones with. I go back and forth between the two and see how time changes space.
I like the stars and how they show the passage of time
this looks like it's in a dream
Awesome shot. Is there anything on this land now or is it just vacant?
all right, who left the beer bottle?
sex - not any more
Odd that there's no graffiti except for that orange mark -
I stop by here every day too hoping for new photos! Thanks! I was going to ask if this place is still standing but I see you already answered my question. It's too bad they couldn't save these building for another use, but given all the horror stories of what went on here, there's probably nothing but bad karma so it's better they were demolished.
Makes you wonder what Model A, B & C looked like!
All I know is they made us wear these stupid gowns for our high school graduation and I felt like a total idiot in mine. On the girls they didn't look too bad, but on the guys they looked ridiculous. Being the rebellious person I was, I threatened to not wear anything under mine!
Depending on what the area was like that this was in, it's too bad they didn't revamp it into affordable living space. I don't understand all the boarded up houses in certain areas or vacant buildings and yet there are so many homeless people. Doesn't make sense to me.