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I'm surprised someone hasn't tossed a lighted match in there
How deep do you suppose they had to pour the concrete to support that structure? I would think they would have to be pretty deep.
looks like a neat fort
I've never ridden a wooden coaster but I'll tell you after seeing these photos, I doubt I ever will. They do say it's a very unique experience.
someone should recycle that wood and make something, then they can put a sign up "once was famous roller coaster". . .
wow, I had eye surgery yesterday then come back today and find a new gallery! Thanks! Abandoned amusement parks are right up there with hospitals.
wow, I'd hate to stumble down those stairs!
I could live here
I think this is one of your very best photographs, absolutely beautiful
Dead Charts on a Dead Isle
Enter to the dormitories of hell. . .
That's what makes it such an awesome place!
One size fits all?
Nice box! Stand them up on end, add some shelves and they'd make cool bookcases.
This was a very moving and emotional gallery as well as a fine tribute to your friend. May he Rest In Peace.