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@ Joe above, thanks for all that insight. It's fascinating stuff, at least for me anyway. Us "civilians" take things like power for granted every time we flip a light switch or turn on an electric appliance. We rarely appreciate what goes into making it possible to flip that light switch!
Thanks for the "before/after" pictures, those always fascinate me, especially when they are taken from the same perspective.
The VA Hospital near me has a front entrance that looks just like this (except for the peeling paint)
Shave and a hair cut, two bits!
I think I'd rather have that treatment sitting in a barbers chair than lying on some examination table
I wonder if this was powered by vacuum tubes?
Look at all that stuff just left there.
now this looks like a high school!
All these rooms remind me of high school classrooms -
wow, I would never think that brick could "peel" away like that, amazing!
Didn't these places know any other colors but pink and green?
I vote for some kind of torture device.
Amazing the damage a leaky roof can do. If someone would just repair the roof, then a lot of these buildings could probably be saved.
That looks like a barber's chair
I've pressed many of those buttons in my life!!