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Ephemera: Limited Custom Framed 11x17 Prints
wow, how awesome is this? Congratulations Mr. Motts, you sure do deserve it!! Best of luck to you.
Thanks all! This new gallery was the best present ever!
It's a beautiful building but I hate it when they just plop an air conditioner in the middle of a window, very tacky and it spoils the facade.
I'm hoping there's shots of the projection room!
what a nice theater, I'm with Freespirit - I'd love to have this and show movies in it!
smash that is, not small! Can't type!!
too bad some idiot has to small the mirrors. I hope they get 14 years bad luck for doing that!
YEA! A new gallery. My birthday is Sunday and this is a perfect present! Thanks so much!!
it looks like a school
It really is a shame that people can't leave things alone to rot in peace. No, they have to smash things or cover it with spray paint. Idiots!
I like ferris wheels, but once I got on one of those double ferris wheels with a girl friend of mine. That was the most freightening experience of my life! I couldn't tell who was screaming louder, her or me! We stopped when we were on the wheel that was on top, we were on the top of the top wheel, and there was wind moving the contraption side to side. I looked over and saw what was holding us up (skinny iron bars and wires) and screamed even louder! If you like having the s**t scared out of you, ride one of those double ferris wheels!
who lives in a pineapple under the sea. . . .
I saw one of those on Spongebob!
OMG... as an IT person this makes me cringe!!