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Godzilla, yes, and the debris on the floor are thousands of fleeing Japanese.
sounds more like torture than treatment to me
there's that chair again, he sure gets around
the inside of a whale
I would have found it very hard not to swipe that! A little Tide and some bleach and it probably would be like new.
Looks like that landing was an after thought the way it cuts the window in half -
I have that same faucet and hot and cold knobs in my tub
what the heck were they thinking with the orange paint job?
I love the contraptions they have rigged to open and shut the windows
NO, I am NOT a scrapper, and I resent being called one, and don't appreciate you insinuating that I am such a person. I am however, a collector of film and projection equipment and you will see many comments left by me under such photos. That doesn't mean I am going to break into these places and steal this stuff so if I were you I would think before leaving such stupid comments.
This is what my bed looks like when I realize it's time to change the sheets!
Sweep the floor, put in some tables and it would make a killer restaurant!!
Granted, this equipment may be of no use to a MODERN theater, but there are many, many people like myself who collect old projection equipment, films, theater stuff, etc. who would be thrilled to be able to get equipment like this. Just do a search on eBay for "vintage projectors" and see how many listings pop up. I for one would love to be able to purchase the entire contents of this room.
This would make a nice "open air" theater, for putting on plays under the stars. Of course, they'd have to do some slight remodeling.
so many globes, so little time