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OMG - whatever that thing is, it looks like it's slowly sinking into the floor. Cool!
I find decaying churches very sad -
The LLS (lonesome light shot!)
Maybe it was bracing the side walls?
You should trademark the "Lonely Chair" shot -
Sir Motts has been busy! Thanks for the new galleries, they're great!
I can only hope that's written in ink and not something else!
Looks like someone swiped the front doors on these -
wow, rotten indeed!
I'm just curious, how many tons of copper do you need to make a buck? I always thought scrapping didn't pay much and you needed a lot of weight to make very little money.
HOLY COW! TRIFFIDS! They are here! I'd be looking to make sure they weren't up rooting themselves and coming after me.
I don't really know where this is (yet!) but it's too bad they didn't turn this into something else.
My daily visit here and yay a new gallery!! I like this little cloud over the building, it's like it looking out, guarding it.
When I was a teen and into film, I had a piece of nitrate film. Just because I was curious I set a match to it. It was only a little piece of film but that thing ignited and burned in seconds. Later I learned that once that catches fire, you can not put it out. It has to burn itself out. Pretty scary when you think of it and the many films they ran in those theaters that were nitrate film.
I really hate to see theaters neglected and in this condition.