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As long as people have been around there has been hatred. Sad comment on humanity. We should be above that.
to live and to poop no doubt
Completed or blank? Completed ones may have been interesting to see.
Even in a school setting the craftsmen make things elegant -
any projection equipment left behind?
I HATED high school, they couldn't get me out quick enough, but I love the abandoned schools!
I come here every day in hopes if new photos! Today it paid off, thanks!
I know they must fasten these ornamental objects down pretty good, but can you imagine if one fell off and clunked someone on the head on the pavement below? Ouch!
dem bones dem bones dem dry bones. . .
I only hope that everyone that broke in here and desecrated these people Resting in Peace are shown the same fate and have their caskets plundered!
Ring around the Posey. . .
that drop ceiling really dropped!
Because they knew how to build things back then and a lot of quality workmanship when into these old buildings. Today it's just 2x4's and sheetrock, no wonder it falls apart in 5 years.
Thanks for the new gallery, Mr. Motts. Another winner as usual!
I hate clowns