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I'm so glad I stop by here every day! Never know when I'll be treated with new photos and I must say these are awesome! Cemeteries are right up there with hospitals as two of my most favorite locations and this one is just gorgeous! Thank you!
This safe is huge, they must have had a lot of valuables! I worked in a jewelry store and our safe wasn't half as big as this.
Yes, thank you for making my day!
The woodwork must have been absolutely beautiful when this place was built and lived in as a home.
Wow, can you imagine if there were still documents, money and god knows what still inside that safe? Probably unlikely, but you never know. You hear stories all the time of people finding things in the strangest places. And look how the moisture is warping all the wood.
Yes, look at the beautiful doors and woodwork just rotting away.
Ahhh, the old "Lath & Plaster" construction, love it!
wow, I could totally live there (with some fresh paint and carpet).
I'm speechless (for once!)
Gorgeous, just gorgeous!!
The property looks kind of swampy
Why do people let such beautiful buildings just sit and rot away, I will never understand that.
Yippee! More photos! I love your foggy fotos Mr. Motts, they convey such emotion.
Tastes like chicken - honest!
Feather, I'm with you and I don't even study biology! I would love to have had that baby piggy in a jar, just for a conversation piece. Probably wouldn't keep it in the kitchen though!