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Thank you! You know, I would love to go back in time, even to live, but the thought of not having any plumbing makes me sick. I don't even use those "porta-potties" at fairs or sports events because they're so disgusting, so I can't imagine living without running water.
I think a lot of smokers were like that..."I'll quit when they reach $1... I'll quit when they reach $2...and so on. Now I'm paying $10, sometimes $11 for a stupid pack of Winston. I remember when they were 35 cents a pack! But I enjoy it, it's the only thing left I enjoy. I hate my job, I have no friends (they all died or moved away), I don't drink, I don't hang out in bars, I don't do much except work 10-13 hours a day. The funny thing is, I can take it or leave it. I quit once for 6 years so I feel I can stop when I want to, only I don't want to.
I was only joking, I actually found receipts from the 30's and 40's in an old barn I was poking through once. They're interesting to see what was bought and sold back then and for how much. Just recent;y I came across one of my own receipts from the 1990's....cigarettes were $2 a pack....now they are $10. Too bad we can take the money we earn today and go back 50 years to spend it!
They're expected in basements, I have them all over because I don't clean as well or as often as I used to!
I want that bed
That's a good point, and I just noticed from looking at this photo, there doesn't seem to be a thick layer of dust on the furniture. I know if I don't dust for a few weeks (or years as it seems lately) there is a thick layer of dust on everything. So I just sign my name in it and move on.
This place is too good for Zombies
Not to mention the nicotine dripping down your walls! 144 (gross!)
Good thinking, certainly don't want to torch this place!
Breathtaking gallery, thank you. One question, did this house have a bathroom? Indoor plumbing? I don't recall seeing any.
The cobwebs that is!
It's really a shame that all this gorgeous furniture is just sitting here forgotten, when it could be sitting in my house being used and admired!
I'm really loving this place!
As I would be, I'd be cleaning all the pictures off to see what they were.
Yeah, now you put a stamp on a letter and say a prayer it reaches its destination.