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Reminds me of a Portal game....
Where's the soda and popcorn?
A lonely chair got a company at last!
This gallery is much enjoyable to view than any galleries I have ever seen here. The movie "As Above, So Below" doesn't show much of that.
Finally - a creepy gallery laced with graffiti! Thanks Motts!
Made a nice gif out of this. http://i.imgur.com/jb9ZXs6.gif Enjoy.
From this perspective leaves you with an eerie feeling that you're laying in a open coffin looking up
P'shopped you out of it http://i.imgur.com/JHlcxvV.jpg
Looks like somebody took a picture of a mirror on the wall showing a ceiling and part of the window while either sitting on the bed or a chair. No wonder it's discarded.
I could smell that moldy and dirty mattress about eighteen inches away from my 27" monitor
Is it just me or is that door look a bit wider at the top than the bottom?
A lonely chair with a red tag? Must be a first.
Weird to see those newly decaying - on way to be like others in their most decayed status in a decade or two.
Not easy job to do on patients...
A creepy way of welcoming new people.