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Wow I was looking for this place on the internet and found this. I was one of the boys who helped clean things up in there before the demo and I was knee high inside the diaper room, lol. We bagged and hauled them all out to the incinerator, being they were probably not suitable for use as they had been there a long time and infested with mice, rats, coons, everything. My buddy suggested the hospital had children too at times and the diapers were used for bed wetting ect ect. Obviously they didn't have to use them a lot. And yes we found adult diapers too. Funny and cool to see this here, Eric.
Decades ago, in the sixth grade of a public school in western Massachusetts, we had a teacher who used to say, "I'm going to have you sent to Northampton," when we misbehaved..

"What's Northampton?" someone would ask, and some wiseguy would answer by pointing at his ear with his index finger in a spiraling corkscrew gesture.

Years later I lived near Green Street, where I'd walk to the end, watch the women play softball on the fields below, and gaze across the valley at the hospital on top of the hill. It was a disconcerting scene. I had no idea the complex was so huge.
This building was the butcher shop and food stock loading dock. I was there yesterday and spoke to a guy that worked there in that building untill 1995 his name was Gillis.
I viste this site often. When I was young I had the whooping cough and was kept in a crib just like this. The thing I find most aobut this site is the detail in the pictures. I veiw it more as art and I am glad to say it brings back no bad memories.
lol why are all the houses like blue?
It gives me vertigo!
My grandfather was a dentist here. He said that the children had terrible teeth. Many dentists would tell the children, "this won't hurt," but it did hurt, so they mistrusted the dentist and refused further treatment. So he was honest with the children and was able to help them. He took me on a tour of the state school at Taunton when I was in high school in the 60s. Many sad cases with hydrocephalus and devastating deformities, and many affectionate children with Down's Syndrome.
My great grandfather spent the last 40 years of his life here after he returned from Normandy with a serious case of what we now call PTSD. I'm sure that during his time there he spent time in many of the spaces you photographed. Thank you, Motts for preserving this. In a world that wants to forget, you have given us a library to help us remember.
When I see your pictures I am in awe seeing the past.
I am apreciative you are saving images of these items so something can be seen before the real things are lost to time.

I am also just as angered at federal, state, and local agency/goverment at the blatent waste.

I am willing to bet dollars to donuts all that movie equipment (given it still looks in great/working condition) is worth some serious bucks.

Given they just abandoned it., there most likely still are old time movies in those film cases. They would be worth a small fortune.
I think all of us are right.

It was a multi purpose room.

Wood floors were common and the same pattern/type of wood was used in ballrooms, skating rinks and baskitball gyms.
I agree with many what a waste.

I bet aot of those dishes are colectors items and worth some serious cash.

Goverment waste at its best.
Unknown but to God.

May whoever you are find the peace you deserve that was not available in life.
Sad that they respected in death those who were there before the hospital, but not those who passed away in it.

Hate to be pessimistic, but how many patients are buried (or otherwise dealt with ) there without this basic dignity and respect?
The ironic /sad part of this is if he took it ( even to give this person the honor they needed) he probibly be charged with theft of confidential medical records (or some crap like it).

While the state/people who left it this way would be considered OK.

Shame since alot of records are kept this way, and even more outright distroyed (to protect the guilty/embarressed no doubt).

Without them hundreds of thousands of men, women, children have tragically beccome unkown and abandoned again.

Also without them ouw can we be reminded of the horrors that once passed as healing and prevent them from comming back again.