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Feedwater lines from the lower drum of a steam boiler.
Pounds per hour is a steam measure.
Sadly, I see these things almost everyday at my job. It's standard dish equipment, but a little on the rusted side...honestly, I bet that thing still works...
On the floor that the stairs are leading too was the room for the provincial when he visited once or twice during the year. It was more like a suite with a bedroom and parlor. Also during the years 65-69 Fr. Earl Bissonnette had his bedroom on this floor. Brother Benny also slept in the mansion do not remember where his room was. Joe the barber also slept in mansion along with Bill the recovered alcoholic who tidyed up the mansion. Now Fr. Earl, Brother Benny, Bill and not sure about Joe eventually Bro Joe rest in the cemetary.
You're living my dream, I wish I could do what you do. It all started with a few trips to kppc and now for the past 5 years exploring these places is the only thing I can't seem to shake from my mind
I could sit there and read those forever. It would be so surreal, getting a glimpse into the lives of thousands who've been long forgotten by most everyone
i dont want this place torn downit would be sad
to be honest. this looks like the entrance to a military prison.
i'll bet it would have been amazing in there.
WOW, Byberry must have really made an impression on you. I helped clear the buildings while it was being demolished. That's where I got my interest in abandoned State facilities.
those are disposalble diapers, they could have gone to shelters.
for some reason, this picture and the caption really make me somber. nice shot.
Ephemera: Continuous Bath Time
Hi, Motts!

Those are some wonderful-looking pictures you've taken. Great job!
Well the reason a lot of recently abandoned places have the electricity on is so that vandals don't removed all the copper wiring. This might be hinting that this place is not totally dead... just waiting maybe, for the next job.