Northwood Asylum

Located at at an undisclosed place in United States of America US

  • Built:1870
  • Opened:1874
  • Age:147 years
  • Closed:N/A
  • Demo / Renovated:N/A
  • Decaying for:N/A
  • Last Known Status:Abandoned

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Northwood Asylum* History

This asylum was opened in 1874 with 69 paying patients, and focused primarily on homeopathic (alternative) treatment of mental illness. Various forms of occupational therapy were used, including arts and crafts, baseball, and art exhibitions, along with a strict dietary regimen. In 1890, the State Care Act made it no longer possible to give private care to individual patients, and the hospital was taken over by the State Lunacy Commission. By the early 1900s, the hospital grew to over 100 buildings and 2,000 patients. The peak population here reached over 3,600 in the 1960s.

Although some buildings have been vacant since the 1970s, the hospital was in operation until it fully closed in 2006. The only remnant of the 19th century main building, abandoned since the 1970s, was eventually razed in 2013.

* Note: the name "Northwood Asylum" is a pseudonym; the real name of this location is currently undisclosed.

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