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Thanks Motts.
That's because zombies aren't actually alive.
did you notice that the aforementioned "adornment" was also in the same group of pictures?
if walls could talk
Very nice photos. Sounds like a great adventure, kayaking in the Hudson in April to this place. It must have been beautiful in its day. I have a reproduction catalog of the company, that used to fuel daydreams of "what if I were born in the 1940's, what would I have bought for a few dollars?"
Fabulous building and great photos Mr. Motts. Thanks so much for sharing these and all your other galleries. I'm a big fan.
Thanks for your research and sharing these unique details with us.
Amazing. It is wonderful that you share this with us, Mr. Motts.
What is the blue bag on the ledge off to the left?
This building must have been amazing when it had floors in it.
I think we are looking at about 6 storeys here? Amazing.
The entire building looks like it is made of red brick coated with concrete. What an immense job!!!
Another gallery, yea! This is a gorgeous photo.
The work that went into building this place would be astronomical.Sad
This is so depressing