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....lamps....better view right one of those metal with white enamel...
Erus, negatory on wood con rods...They're steel, just discolored from oil/heat/time... wood would have been destroyed from the sheer force
of operating a behemoth like this.
What a lovely gallery! Great pictures! Thank you! Enjoyed a lot!
How nicely saved and kept, by dedicated people. Yes, proof a lot of old buildings everywhere could be saved IF there is Strong Will, and it is not allowed to be thrashed & burnt................hmmmmm.....
Uhm... Yeah... Numbers...You know that dossusciin we had about you taking my exams and me doing your job? Not gonna happen.And this thing with doing laundry at work? Is that a typical Canadian thing to do? You people are dead strange:S
OMG! Pinstriping!!!! What a beautiful pic of a gorgeous piece of machinery!
Moose, negatory on the wood/metal file, (note the matching ends on the wheel crank and the handle of the lever)
Can you IMAGINE the size of the tool kit one would need to work on a machine of this scale?!!!
No, I process the photos on the computer which can give a similar effect to on-camera photo filters.
Motts, do you by any chance use a 'vivid' filter/setting on your camera?
I ask because its the only way I've ever gotten results like this.
Every thing is so Fancy for a water works... atleast by todays standards. The Philadelphia WW looks like this too, all marble and what not
Another childhood memory for me - used to live just down the road in the village. I remember one time they drained the pool (or it might be when it closed) and there was a population explosion of newts in the area - I can't imagine why now but remember it vividly.

If you can visit when they're running the engine its fab

p.s. love the site
Although I love your "usual" exploration sites, it was nice to see a place that is preserved. Once again Motts, amazing! Thank you!
Oooo, beautiful!
I love the colors!