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Are you serious? Wow. I looked up and saw that hold and said no way am I going up there
lol its funny you all dont know what a roundabout is lol its a big circula ireland in a crossroads and if you want to go in to the futhest exit you have to hug the roundabout and indicate when you want to leave to turn off for your lane its a piece of cake lol i live about 60miles from denbigh and there are about 15 roundabouts when driving there lol. oh my god you people are also said its a door that rotates lol they have them in many hospitals just like bangor hospital has one a massive one but it dont look as nice as the wooden ones that you push by your self. going to denbigh again soon i can never find these rotating doors any clues?
poisonousxbeauty- your comment rings true. i spent a year in a hospital (self-commited) and i felt very safe inside. the outside world was just to much and it seemed everyone was out to get me.