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It almost looks like a castle here instead of a sanatorium
I'm amazed at how good of shape the floor's in. A little cleanup and the place might still be usable.
Looks like a fallen angel...I really have an appreciation of how you see so much beauty in such tragic and dark places.
Can't believe I got onto a gallery this fast...anyway, out of all the color combinations I've seen in hospitals, this has to be one of the nicest ones. I think the yellow and turquoise really play on each other.
I actually like that color.
Is there a hole in the wall where the light is?
tragic, but beautiful
I laughed when I saw this. I thought it was a joke at first.
I want that sign for my apartment!
Ephemera: Counting the Years
I really enjoy this site and have been keeping up with it for the last year now. It looks as though you've found us yet another treasure--I almost feel as though I am walking through the old places with you (minus the obvious dangers and the stench). Thanks for sharing.
seems to me that you almost CAN be in two places at once with a shot like this!
WHeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!! That gives me vertigo, imagining being right there when that floor collapsed.
Wow...if this was from the actual T-4 thing, It's sad that this was all that's left of those poor people.
The visual rhythm in this shot is fascinating.
That's a pretty neat shot. I can't believe there were still X-rays around.