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@DeafAngel: For me treatment meant ECT and or some sort of other envasive procedure while an exam was just that an exam to see if there were other physical underlying problems. Hope that helps.
Perfect place for one of those evil tunnel clowns to hide and jump out at you. Damn tunnel clowns. *cocks Glock semi-auto* Lol. Still it is a interesting picture.
Up the down staircase
Sorry but your story sounds like bullshit to me. You ARE not put into an psych hospital for smoking pot. Unless you had some other kind of issues. Also you don't get sent to a quiet room for admitting you smoked. So again I call BULLSHIT on your "tale". Take it from an ACTUAL former patient from Southern Cali. I have bipolar 2 disorder w/psycotic tendenies and would sometimes be escorted to the quiet room, ie a "padded" room where I could calm down. No doubt some of the staff in these places were pricks and the mothaf!%kas needed a couple of caps popped in their mothaf!%^in' asses.
The film 12 Monkeys was filmed here. In particular the scenes where
Pitt and Willis are in the mental hospital. Great phots and amittedly kinda spooky.
What? No evil tunnel clown? Lmao.
My Russian is a bit rusty, but the banner says something about the communist party, and ahead with the order of communism. Not sure about the top line...Lenin is definitely mentioned though.
I think I'm so used to that chair rail stripe of paint being at hip level, that seeing it at eye level makes the perspective look weird :d
Pretty creative. I wonder how which elements of the architecture were russian and which were german.
Really like these before and after pictures, thank you. Do you ever find old photographs of the site and then try and find the same spot?
Well that's probably because they're covered in rashes
Cool shapes, I wonder what was hanging on the wall
Wow. The structure looks more foreign than the decay