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My friends and I are trying to go to Glenn Dale, but we're not so sure about the cops.
Could anyone who knows this place extremely well give me a realistic idea on how bad the cops are and whether we should go or not? Tips for avoiding cops/gaining legal entrance to the place would be much appreciated. im not trying to get caught. My group of friends are moderately experienced at urban exploration, yet the closest we have come to cops was seeing one about 70 yards away in the courtyard at Henryton.
my email is

any info would be much appreciated.
I always love the people who mistake this for a real ghost

Its just Light Graffiti, made by lowering the camera's shutter speed and dragging a light across the area youre taking the picture of. You can do some really neat stuff with Light Graffiti, you should try it sometime
excellent use of lighting and creative angles
that is really haunted i have been in there 1 time and that all i need