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Does anyone else see the screaming personified wall through the door?
I see a really creepy face there formed by the handles and the descending/ascending stairs. Love this photo.
Ya, this is really quite creepy. I'd think it'd also limit the viewing abilities as opposed to a small window.
This is an AMAZING album, thank you so much. and this final shot looks like it should be on a postcard... (wallpaper? ;) )
This whole place is a HUGE surprise... It really has the feel of an old hotel... and a very nice one at that.
I love how the hall seems so menacing yet the door at the end seems rather pristine.
This leaves me nearly speechless... my goodness.
That is some amazing architecture, wow. I agree with Matt, this is a surprise!
Another one of those shot's I'd say is up there with the best. Wow.
Does anyone else feel like the doors are attacking you?
This looks like something out of some surreal nightmare.
O this is wonderful!
Wow, great colors and perspective. Basic but nicely complex, I love it.
Here we go with the chairs again :)
Wow, it really looks alive and like it wants to kill something.