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Love the broken glass at the center of the 12 and the pile of glass or powder on the metal rod! Perfect lighting and depth of field! Great website! Thanks for sharing and for all the written details.
Thanks motts, I can't wait
The building is just waiting patiently until someone thinks of the next use. It's in no rush and has just gone dormant.
No danger of falling through. That wood floor is likely floated over reinforced concrete. It would be hard to build something more stable than this.
The side holes do look like potential sconce locations. The center item looks like a thermostat.
people think all these jobs went out of the country, they didn't they are now done by robotics. think back twenty years and most of these jobs were done by people!! That's where eighty percent of manufacturing jobs are going,not out of country.
Thanks, yup lots more from Detroit for sure!
Can't imagine what this smelled like with all that standing water...ICK.

Cool gallery though! Thank you SO much Mr. Motts! As usual, you have done a GREAT job capturing our past. :)
That is one big pipe.

And yes, I remember Schoolhouse Rock when it was on TV. I was born in 71 so...yeah. I am old. :D
WOW! Now THAT is awesome! :D
OOOH can you imagine going down this on a skateboard????


Hmmm...that doesn't look like ANY shade of blue I have ever seen.

Ppssst Mr. Motts? You seem to have spilled some paint! :D
Looks like a big alien coming to wreak havoc on the city.

I wouldn't climb this for all the money and gold and riches in the world. UHHHH UHHHHH!!! NOO way!
I agree with Dr. fallen. :D

Who are those people standing there? And WHY in the love of all that is decayed did someone write "BEANS" on that window? I thought it said BRAINS at first and I had a really cool Zombie Apocolypse comment all ready, but then I looked again, and I thought "BEANS?" what the HECK?

Maybe it is a hobo menu? Hmmm...what is the psychology on that one Dr. fallen? :D
That is a good question greenskulker. I wonder too.

I love this shot!