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I was baptized here in 1954
For my own satisfaction I sent an email to the adjacent school, to let the people know that whoever amongst them that decided to tear it down without even salvaging any of it were thoughtless and stupid. I only feel slightly better. The reckless waste of our historical places is maddening.
Does the School still exist on the property? I'd love to send them some words about their choice to demolish this without salvaging anything first. Idiots... >:(
Yeah I feel the same about it being so dated, but it takes time to edit each photograph, research the history of the place, and organize it all into a coherent story... otherwise it would be just another bulk upload of crappy photos on flickr (or wherever). The statute of limitations helps a bit with some of the more "sensitive" locations as well.

Personally, I can't sit through an exploring video as I find them incredibly boring, but to each his/her own :) Thank you for the honest feedback!
Wonderful photos. A place and time captured before destruction.
Check out dan bell or exploring with josh on YouTube nowadays its cool to watch video of some of these places. I noticed alot of these pictures were taken almost 10 yrs. ago kinda takes u out of the feel of it atleast it does for me. Much better if u photographed a place than uploaded pics days later thats kinda why i feel its much nicer to enjoy youtube videos of these sites. This seems outdated. Your photos are amazing though
My hubby was the caretaker for our church way back when (before we had gotten married and before we ever even thought of having kids) and I have gotten to see our own organ in the choir loft up close and personal...and while this is MUCH grander and much more beautiful, I had come to appreciate the sound and look of these instruments in those few short years. I also got to ring the bell to summon people to service on a Sunday...how cool is THAT? I have to say, if my hubby hadn't been holding on to my waist, I would have taken a quick trip UPWARDS as soon as that bell started swinging lol. :D Almost did, in fact, even WITH him holding me. That thing was HUGE and heavy lol.

Cool shot Mr. Motts...and SOOOO sad.
Look at that detail on the top of the pillar! WOW. So sad that the paint is all flaking and peeling away, though. And yes, the lamp is really cool too!
OOOH I see the figure now...it does look like a child.

This is just...wow. (I say that WAY too much on here...sorry!)

I hope someone preserved that angel!
Wow. Loving this shot!
Does anyone remember "soap dispensers?" That is what I thought of when I saw these lamps lol. I had been here for a long time a while ago, and I am glad I got to re-discover it now.

What WOULD the purpose of a church underneath a church be? In my old church (I used to be Lutheran), we had a large basement for the Sunday School and for other functions, but NOTHING even close to this. This is legit another church! Fascinating!
Wow...it looks so lonley there...

Pretty little golden cross...how many years of rot and decay have you seen? Do you remember the people and music that once filled this grand place? :(
I love how in the foreground, you see the sheet music laying there, abandoned and forgotten...and the background is the rest of the church--a little out of focus, but perfect for the shot.
That lion makes me so sad. It is like he was aware of what was to become of this magnificent place. Wow. The emotion on this one is strong.
WOW to the raw beauty of this.

There should be a way to preserve this intact (if possible) or even carefully dismantled and reassembled somewhere in another church or a museum or something!