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10 years later....
It's probably chemtrails Joseph, who knows though. You'd have to know when the offending jet flew by to tell. If it dissipates quickly it's merely a contrail. Otherwise it's hard to tell if there's barium salts & aluminum without some sort of radar/doppler unit.

Anywho, I would've taken those clock faces & arms lol. You should shoot Columbia university in Bantam,Ct. I used to sneak in there all the time. Leading up to WW1the Army used the property for training in trench warfare. On the walk in most of the trenches are filled with about one foot left to show that they once existed. There's still plenty of barbed/razor wire topping them though.
A coal shovel nonetheless lol. When I was a kid there was one in my basement that I had to use to shovel coal into the wood burning stove. There was an old bomb shelter from that had a hatch for the coal truck to dump a few tons in.
That was in the 80's not the 30's btw, wasn't rural either!
Unfortunately I do not have any additional photos of this particular ceiling, sorry!
Hello, I am interested in some more Pictures of this ceiling, I am a plasterer from Germany an I have a client that like the Decor and would like that i copy it. My adress mail@sebastian-rost.de my homepage www.sebastian-Rost.de. Thanks a lot for an answer, best regard Sebastian
(Excuse my english level) I don't want use your image, only to show a friend. I'm fascinated with your images. Sincerely congratulations. I'm a great fan of ancient houses... I hope to publish soon (I donn't work like a photographer and no have many time for my hobbyes!) some of my photographs about this theme. Thank you for share your beautiful images
Thank you so much for this gallery of amazing art, from yester year and contemporary additions!
Wow! Some intricate craftsmanship here!
How many hands steadied their way up and down I wonder?
I'm glad you climbed through the hole! Truly breath taking! Thank you
Steep view. Considerate & kind - back in the days - the handrail continous.....made for anyone needing lots of support.
Why the taggers ruin all the historical plague and the walls? So sad....
Agreed with u Chris. The kids should appreciate & admiring the beautiful of the abandoned hospital
Holy crap....fav pic yet. Love, love, love!!!
I wonder seeing other elegant things in this place what the fireplace front looked like?
That is an amazing chair.