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Yep, mmienshermanski, so sad to see Lincoln Park in such a state. We loved it so had many great visits there!
Love your comment boho
Stuff of dreams. Dreamt of walking past an abandoned rollercoaster being taken back to dust looking very much like this.
Mika, Love your comment. Very cool how nature reclaims all.
I loved going to Lincoln when I was a kid. Nantasket was closer, though.
Sad to see this Park close and just left to fall apart. Many of us enjoyed many good times here when we were kids
Beautiful images capturing the sublime light and exquisite composition.
I am interested in using some of your photos for a non-profit silent auction brochure. I am volunteering for the Dartmouth Natural Resources Trust in Dartmouth Massachusetts and one of the silent auction items is an adirondack chair made from the wood taken from "The Comet" Lincoln Park Roller Coaster. Therefore I need one or two images of the dilapidated coaster and your images are beautiful. Please drop me a line at joneswift@comcast.net and let me know if it would be possible and how much it would cost. Thank you! Joney
Another park demolished :(
I loved riding on this coaster. The bus that took us there would park on the slanted parking lot and we would all try to get the bus to tip over by all moving to one side. lol
But it was a great ride in it's day.
a/k/a kindling
Reminds me a lot of Rocky Glen Park/Ghost Town On The Glen here in Moosic Pa, just minutes from Scranton. Not worth really going there for abandoned building shots, but the lake shots with the changing leaves and now the snow are spectacular.
Also you can contact me on md.lockett@yahoo.co.uk or on Twitter @M4TTLOCKETT if you would like to answer my question, thanks again
Huge fan of your pictures. I am doing A level photography and I was wondering if it would be ok to do some analyses of some of your pictures. Full credit would be given to you. Thank you