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def good pic motts!!!
def steam pipe and a way of cooling water. but also would put off heat.
and alot of what was said in this convo. is whats going on now and how people are working and dealing with the patients. and how itss a hard job. not taking none of that from you! but how people thought back then isnt how people think now! and i have a random ?. how many mean old ladies do you know that used to be nurses. i know of alot thats why im asking!!
k. so your not the only to say it was an o.k place. alot of the others were just visitors and maybe didnt see behind the 1st buildin. but still people. im not all godly but you ever think these people try to change our views hoping it will change the "THE BIG MANS" view alittle for when they see the light because they werent the best of people themselves while they were there.

im not saying everyone who worked there was like this. not at all!! but when people talk i tend to listen. and can normaly find the bad apples just from the way they speak. thats my interrogation skills kicking in!
wow. just from the way marcie talks you can almost tell wat kind of nurse she was or is. she called the patients retards in a post way earlier. who really tries to convince people that these places were ok places when this wasnt the only place being shut down. but every hospital was shut down for its good production, sterile enviroments, and good hospitality right? aka your the one ever to say "it wasnt that bad".
wants to go soon! needs help tho never been.