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I heard from a good friend (who's mom lives pretty close to GDH), a friend and him went on the grounds around x-mas holidays. The side awy from the copper tailer. He told me the place is still very much accessible, if your careful :)

Jeez above post was a joke didn't mean to kill the discussion :)

I drove by glen dale thanksgiving night. Everything is all still there [Admin.: Sorry - too much information.]
The dogs are what scare me more though, lol.
Freedom you should post any of the crazy police stories if you see anything good hehe...would be cool to hear about ;)
Like I said in my original post, I am most interested in the tunnels. Most of the smaller buildings are decaying badly and kinda boring. The bigger buildings are much taller and deeper underground and more interesting.
I wonder since security has been increased nowadays, if the inside of the buildings have been updated too (ie-metal gated bars over entrances and such).

Been along time since I thought about glenndale hospital. Went there a bunch of times (before there were police stationed there...last visit was about 10 years ago). The place was amazing. Definately a decaying and dangerous place and that was 10 years ago.
My friends and I pretty much explored every inch of that place...with the exception of the tunnnels. Supposedly there are tunnels connecting all the buildings. Unfortunately some have been sealed with metal bars. And the ones you can gain acces to are filled with 2-3 feet of water streching along an underground tunnel alot farther than your flashlight or you can see.
I have been to some creepy places before and glenndale hospital is definately one of the craziest.

Oh whole point I really posted was to give props to the pics...very cool brought back alot of memories :)