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Thanks for putting more pictures up again so soon! Great album as usual! You are amazing...I can't tell you how much I look forward to seeing your work.
Ephemera: Resurrection
YAY!!!! I am so glad you're back...I still checked back every few days or so and can't wait to see more of your stunning photos. This truly made my day!! All the best to you...
I have never posted on here because it always seems like my comments would be redundant, but I have been an avid follower for years and am enthralled by every photo on here. I check for new pictures on an almost daily basis and thought maybe you had moved on from posting anything new. I am so happy to see new pictures on here! It truly made my day and then some. I hope the bad passes and the good only gets better for you. You are an amazing artist and I hope you are able to continue to share your talent. Take care.
motts, you make my dick hard, and i'm a girl. i aspire to show even a fraction of your talent in my photography.