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Ephemera: Resurrection
Best Christmas present ever! Good to have you back Motts, can't wait for new pics.
liza, freaky thought! still think it's amazing the amount of self-restraint Motts must have not to go looking through records in these places. i don't know how long i could hold out against my own curiosity.
have been checking for new galleries every wednesday in my uni lecture, so glad to find one today! glad you're back and well.
agreed, definitely wallpaper material.
first comment but i've been lurking for years! brilliant work Motts...and now to go through all the galleries i've missed in the past few months in my uni lecture..
I am an amateur photography who specifically likes to photograph abandoned buildings. I live not far from Glenn Dale and have always toyed with the idea of visiting Glenn Dale to shoot but have always been afraid of getting caught. Does anyone have any recent stories of exploring Glenn Dale? I've heard that if you approach the police instead of sneaking around they might be more willing to let you explore? I don't necessarily want to go into any of the buildings, but I would like to explore and photograph the grounds, preferably in the day light.
email me.
thanks so much