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This place has always looked cold and unfriendly,But yes I also Remember those swing sets you are reffering to,and the playground,As kids thats all we had to do at Glendale,as we were not allowed in the Adult Portion of the hospital,except very rare occasions,Most of the time my brother and i played at the little park and we swung on those swingsets all day long as my Mother Visited her father(our Grandfather) in as it was called back then the sanatarium,My grandfather spend a year or so there at a time or as little as 6 months one time,unable to leave by law,Kind of like being in prison,They would bring my grandfather to the window to wave at us now and then when he was healthy,The terriable thing about T.B. back then is ,you were an outcast in society,along with your family,it was never talked about openly outside the family as it was pretty much the plauge in peoples eyes they were so scared if they came near you they would contract it,and most likely they would if they had close personal contact or contact for any length of time,My Grandfather had it bad for years,in and out of the sanitarium at Glendale,my mother got it from him as they would send him home after they thought it was safe she lost a lung to T.B.,and all three of her brother contracted T.b. in there early 20,s,/so i have been to glendale a few times and remember the swingsets and little park for the kids the best ,along with the big smokestacks,I was always amazed at how big they were,I also understood it was for laundry,and Body Parts to be incinerated,It struck me even back then as a cold building plain looking unfriendly,and when it was reffered to as the Sanatarium when we were driving there to see my grandfather ,the only thing that did make a long stay outside by ourselves with the other kids,was the swings and little park where we spent the day by ourselves for the most part as all of us kids there were afraid to play with each other for fear of contracting T.B. from each other,our parents had told us to stay away from the other kids because of this every trip,after years my grandfather and family recovered from T.B. completly but we were always told to never tell anyone it was in our family ,not doctors,school officials or friends,And yes many people did die from T.B. in that hospital,So when you do go ,Maybe if you do it in a respectfull manner ,and not loot,paint it up with graffiti,the lost soles that Died there can lay in peace,as Most are better off that did die from that .There lives there were not happy lives,so now that there gone maybe they can at least rest in peace,free of that aweful disease.Maybe take some flowers and leave that your next Visit as an offering ,and you never know you may get on and off the property without getting caught!!!!