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I think most of the doors with windows that we had have been replaced and those that were not have the windows covered.
Mr. Motts, you are exactly right about the mitts. I still have a set in my supply room, but we haven't used anything like that for years. People that hit or scratched themselves or others would have these mitts strapped on at the wrist to protect themselves or those around them. They were like a catcher's mitt in the front and mesh on the back to try to keep the hands cool.
Our facility had some doors like that and I think they were put in around 1978. I don't know that they reused old hardware here because it looks like what we have. I just don't think they were in to aesthetics.
Is it a Stryker frame? They used it for people that were paralyzed or burned. Strapped them in like a sandwich and turned them every 2 hours. Does it look like that to you Lynne?
We used something like that to shake down the old glass mercury thermometers also.
It is surprising to see such vibrant colors. They usually used subdued colors to keep the patients calm.
I am wondering if the wide halls aren't for moving beds? Especially if they were using ECT. It would be easier to move the person in their bed...
I wonder if that was a predecessor to the "pill-minder" of today? Maybe pills in cards?
Welcome back!
Love that about a wallpaper of him?
So are those plants growing 92 feet in the air?
It would be almost as high as a 10 story building...
Sorry...I thought I saw a stone va jay jay apologies... :)
Ephemera: Resurrection
I hope your Holiday season was blessed and the best to you and yours in 2013!
Ephemera: Resurrection
Welcome "home" Mr. Motts. Cool pic...can't wait for the next ones!