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Except that now-a-days segregation is B.S. Many facilities give you a Bunkie even when you go to the BOX (the hole). 24 hours a day in prison's prison with another fool cooped up with you for MONTHS at a time. And no, You don't get to leave the cell EVER. Exception: visits, court, and medical
Funny cause I actually contacted "Mr. Motts" shortly after my visit here back in the Myspace days to see if I could go on some adventures with him. Very nice fellow. Well I got caught for "burglary" in an abandoned house shortly after. People, be mindful. Proceed with caution, unfortunately these activities are illegal. And prison is not a fun place to be
I've been here before in 06. Very fun to explore. Met a few homeless people. Then shortly after, I served an actual prison bid in a maximum security prison.....Definetly not as fun to explore
@MamaToFiveInPA I think it looks older than that, My Grandfather had A 1918 model T ford with wooden spooked rims that looked just like that and the hospital did open in 1904 might be something the person had owned or wanted?
i believe it cold be hounted
boiler 1220 I was there end of 82 to aug 84 ! ( 16th b-day) What a wild time it was man!!! I met alot of people at that time!! I mainly hung out with mary , sandy, carmen, billy, sean, tricia, beth, vicky that was on ward d , vicky and i used to meet up at the teen center and always cranked ozzy , she was kool people ! Alot of us didnt belong there. I think it alot to do with our up bringing with many different cases . But all the people i did know were good people , some of them i hung out with and some i just consider .
to mom to 4 hey maureen , I think i remember you? I was on ward e when you were working there. I was good friends with one of the staff members corey benson even when i got out. he was like a big bro to me and that bro has a big heart.
johnny from ward e ????????
I need to find out how i can buy the book ' hell and back' about gaebler. if anyone has any info it would be greatly appreciated Thank you!!!
boiler 1220 I dont remember that one at all . Do we know eachother?
went off all at once . There is a reason for that. I was one of the ones that got hurt really bad , they cut my head so bad they had to hold a towel on my head cause there was so much blood It was the day they didnt have enouph seclusion rooms for us through out the building . Do i need to say more It got worse and it will be spoken of in time
There was one kid in there i felt so bad for him for what they did to him , I dont know if you know him , pasquale was his name . He was such a good kid and the things that i have witnessed to what they done to him was horriable . I always visited him and told him to stay strong , I was always checking on him thinking that someday i was going to find him dead : ( I can say so much in detail of what i saw but at that time we all were living in fear and couldnt say anything . some day we will be heard. All of us that was in there had no control and we had to shut our mouths . I dont know if you remember this ? I remember there was a day of hell ( which i was a part of) That all the wards
Hey , If you talk to sandy W or Tricia G , tell them that Patrick says hi and i would like to talk to them!!!! I do remember the staff member willie , Sandy always called him pickle ( that was weird lol ) There was three staff members i didnt care for and i thought they were very abusive , one is that short little fuck mike that were the glasses ( worked on ward E) Phil was another one, and Mark that ran the teen center . My opinion and there is enouph evidence for a class action suite for the way they have treated us . IT WAS SICK AND TWISTED
Yes i do remember Danny !!!! Danny was with sandy w Im going to give last name initials, I was with tricia G. at that time . Sean M was a friend I was the one with the long hair that hung out with vicky T at the teen center ( she was on your ward) We always cranked ozzy She was kool shit!!!! I tryed to get a hold of you on fb?
colin where was this?