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Holy cow, I go a way for awhile and look what happens! I'm not even going to respond to the person who has called me a liar. I am long gone from the job of caring for the retarded. I've moved on . Nothing the unbelievers can say is going to hurt my feelings. I know what I experienced, along with the hundreds of other people who worked there and one final time IT WASN'T ALL THAT BAD.
I'm not sure I'm buying Sam's comments about finding these films. I just found some old movie reels in my attic and depending on the size of the film I'm not sure you would be able to make out any of this stuff he has talked about. And considering age and the elements I'm even less sure. However if indeed he has seen some film I would guess that it may be from when new employees started I seem to recall seeing some footage of the way institutions used to be. I'm not even sure if it was actual footage of Pennhurst but an overview of instituional life past and present. I do know that during the 70's and 80's employees were not allowed to bring in movie cameras. We're not talking small camcorders here. Also I get the feeling Sam is more than one person. His posts are all over the place. Sometimes he posts like a 12 yr old other times like an adult.
FYI there were very few wards in the basements when I worked there. Most of these rooms were used for OT/PT or storage. Basement wards were actually just a few steps below street level. If this room was off a tunnel it was probably used for therapy. Now I can't vouch for anything before 1975 only after.