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I've been to the hospitals numerous times and never been caught. Like another person said park across the street at the shopping center and run across the road and up the hill by the water tower. Then stick close to the woods cause the spotlights on cop cars cant reach that far and that way you can haul ass before they can get to you. Always scope out the area before you go... check that the security guard is in the trailer, not checking the grounds. And dress normal if you park somewhere in the parking lot so they dont think your up to something. The tunnels are the best part as they connect everything.. and no they werent used to transport patients building to building because there is metal ladders that you have to go up and down to get to them and i dont see a stretcher or sick with TB patient making it up those. Ive never seen dogs, or heard them, or even seen a sign for them. Theres no motion sensors, or I would have been caught by now. They don't have night vision, because police officers on duty don't even have those and again, they would have caught me by now. However, I do warn about homless people, especially in the tunnels. I haven't run into any but theres a story that says that a boy and his friends went down into the tunnels and ran into a homeless guy. The boys friends ran but he was hit in the head with a baseball bat and had his flashlight stolen. When he finally came to he spent 3 days trying to find his way out of the tunnels. Don't know if i believe the story but its always good to be alert! VERY exciting place, but also beware of visiting too much as it is infected with asbestos which can cause TB-- ironic huh?...a hospital that treated TB was also a cause of TB...Always go with a larger group of people that you trust and know can run incase of a run in with the law! Its a creepy atmosphere and a couple of people have seen paranormal activity that I know, but I personally have not, but I was definatly creeped out enough to be satisfied with my visit! Happy hunting :)
These shots are amazing! ...but I actually have a little artistic curiosity. :) I'm a graphic design major, and I love how you make the skies in some of your pictures that brilliant orange color. Any chance you're willing to share a little of your technique for proccessing your images like that? Do you just do a selective color adjustment in PS? Thanks!
My friends and I used to walk around that cemetary and drink. the places is hanut no doudt. again great stories and pic
wow I can Not belive these pic. as a kid in 1983-86 we would hand around there and try to scared on another. you did a great job with the pic. thank you still to this day it scares me.