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To my understanding this place has been empited out since 1981 or 1982.

I wonder if they're preserving it as a landmark or perhaps plans to renovate it someday. Then again, perhaps it's in too bad of shape to consider renovating and maybe should be demolished.
I'd love to see some photos of this place while it was still in operation back in the day.

I can't help but feel so curious when I drive by it and see it in its deformed shape.
You guys ever wonder things like,

Who was the last body removed from this freezer? What kind of conditions did he suffer from? Does he have any family still alive? What kind of person was he?

Think about that all the time when I look at these photos.
You'd probably gag to death if you drank that water.
This is it.

In my senior year of high school I remember sitting in front of this very door (in the car with a group of friends) with the lights out and the engine off. We sat in total silence and I just remember feeling like somebody was watching us from the windows above. It was kinda weird.
I don't care what nobody says.. there's something very odd & usual about this facility.

I live miles away from this place and every person I've interviewed seems to have some sort of story or 'word of mouth' they've come in contact with in prior years.

Not to mention, there are a handful of individuals that have explored the grounds and have something interesting to share. I don't think that many lies could be told. THERE IS SOMETHING VERY FISHY ABOUT THIS PLACE.