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Will someone go here with me? I have a fascination with stuff like this but all my friends are afraid of cops (or ghosts). I need some friends who aren't bitches.
i used to go to pennhurst almost every day. These pictures are nothing. I got some really freaky pictures that will bug you out. This place isn't for the faint of heart however. You do see and hear some pretty "other-wordly" stuff. I once spent an entire weekend down in the tunnels. Found a brand-new couch and told my buddies to come back monday morning and pick me up. I'm not scared of ghosts. I grew up in houses that were haunted. If you go in scared, they're gonna mess with your head. Whenever i go, i go in without a flashlight and go where ever to prove to them that they can't scare me. And they haven't donw so yet. But a couple of my buddies won't even dare go back to Pennhurst because of stuff that's happened to them.
its stil there or whats left of it there is plenty left to look at. ive gone two weekends in a row on saturdays with my son and had no trouble. im sure if your not doing anything stupid and just looking you will be fine. if your 16 and smoking weed there you might have a problem.
that looks relatively new, yet theres something haunting about it...Motts in person is it creepy? They whole medical eery side about it?
Hey virginia i love home improvment so its nice to hear someone use lines from it, yea its pretty funny for this compressor to be alone
Hey Motts, i must say out of all the sites like this, i must say yours is and will always be "THE BEST"
Damn your right, awsome
i dont want to know any specifics, but how the hell did you pull this off? i was able to walk the grounds for a grand total of 20 minutes before i got caught...i bow to you(and i'm incredibly jealous, danvers is AMAZING)