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whoa, they're building up there!
Do they know the cause yet? This Hospital carries a lot of scary stories / happenings that we have discussed over the years.

Ever watch Session 9? It is real freaky watching that movie after hearing a bunch of the stories in advance, like the gallow tree for instance.... The tree the guy is leaning on at the end is the tree that many people chose to hang themselves from.

Sorry I don't know of any sites Allie, but there are lots of local stories that I'm sure at least a few of have been published somewhere... unfortunately my source for most of them eventually took his own life as well.

I did nearly end up in cuffs myself one time I went up there. I had been up before with friends that went to the Agricultural school nearby, so I didn't think it was a big deal. I think Session 9 drew too much attention to it.... but it's really probably best to leave the hill alone anyway.