Hopefully it is up soon, Toot, Lucie & Flushed.


Funny how much we miss that forum when its down. Last time Lynne popped in and worked her magic. Maybe she can do it again? The new gallery is a great one.


Well, HERE you guys are! :) Really been missing everyone on the forum and getting to see the latest pics posted there as well. Hope everyone is well, and maybe the forum will reappear again soon. Enjoyed the new gallery.


Flushed & Toot, I am missing the forum too. I hope it is back up soon, the new gallery is nice to have in the meantime. I hope all of our forum friends are well.


Hey Toot, Yup still down. There's a new gallery though :)


It is still down flushed. :( Hope they get it up and running again. I sure do miss it!


Seems like something is going on with the server when I try to sign in to the forum. Message is;
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Michael Baum


I'm an Anthropologist, Psychologist and musician. I find your work to be a compelling joining of many of my interests and I would like to discuss using your work with some of my music. How do I contact you?



Hi, I would just like to say all of your photos are spectacular. Each one captures a different part of history. Recently my friends and I have been taking pictures in different parts of our city, and we would love to shoot at locations similar to yours. I was just wondering if any of the sites you have visited is easy to access or not 100% illegal. If not, how might I find abandoned places near me?

p.s. you can email me directly if you do not want everyone to know

Sabina Pade


Wonderful photography and an invaluable record of history about to slip beyond the tangible. I enjoy your website hugely!

Cheryl Heiden Wagner


Do you have any more picthers of the Heiden Hotel . That would be my madin name . that was a good find, and not to may people spell the name that was.

T Graham


I love your site. I have been wanting to get into urban exploring and your site only makes me want to do it more. Thank you for your classy photography and your commitment to doing no harm to the places you visit. I only hope that, in time, I will become close to as good as you are.

Jim Darrell


I am so glad I stumbled onto your amazing site yesterday. I'm also very glad I have had plenty of time to pour through it, and have only scratched the surface. Growing up in Hollywood, CA, my Father and I would explore old structures in our neighborhood before they were torn down. He started exploring with his Dad in the same neighborhood in the 50's when they were building the Hollywood Freeway. I'm excited to pass the torch on to my kids as they get a little older. The only area we both seem to have explored is E. St. Louis. I can't wait to go back there someday. I have connections in Pittsburgh if you ever want to do some exploration out there. I was able to explore the St. Peter & Paul Cathedral in E. Liberty the last time I was out there, but wasn't able to get many good internal shots since I only had a camera phone on me. Keep up the good work!



I am absolutely IN LOVE with your site! All of the pictures are amazing and I love that you respect what is there by not tampering with it. I sincerely hope you continue to astound us with your photography!

Ellie Gray


This is a fantastic sight. .I am also strangely fascinated with abandoned buildings especially if they have the story that goes with them. This is quite impressive. Thanks



Stumbled across this site and absolutely LOVE it, I have been fascinated with abandoned places for years and am always looking for more and the story behind the pictures. This has got to be the best site I have ever come across with a wealth of information and amazing pictures. THANK YOU!! Also, I'm having trouble registering, it will not send me a verification email...

sohbet hatlar─▒


Wow, gorgeous website. Thnx ...


Hey Lucie. Yup it's limping along but there is an error message. I PM'd Colin hopefully he can fix it or tell Motts.


I visit the forum frequently and it hasn't been working for the last few days. Is anyone else having this problem? I have been getting a *deprecated* *message. Sorry for the misspelling