Cynthia Lee Memorial Hospital

Located at an undisclosed place in United States of America US

  • Built:1928
  • Opened:1931
  • Age:87 years
  • Closed:1979
  • Demo / Renovated:N/A
  • Decaying for:36 years
  • Last Known Status:Abandoned

Cynthia Lee Memorial Hospital History

Built in the early 1930's, this hospital served it's use until the late 70's, and has since been stripped of all copper, making the interior look like a war zone. The lack of graffiti was surprising, considering the amount of destruction that took place for the metal, and the facility was still a very interesting find despite the damage.

* Note: the name "Cynthia Lee Memorial Hospital" is a pseudonym; the real name of this location is currently undisclosed.

Photos of Cynthia Lee Memorial Hospital