Bernard (ireland)


what a cool site so many empty buildings just lying around the u.s its just like out of some horror movie i love the site cant wait for the updates keep up the superb work.



mr. motts -
as an old friend who has always been a fan of your work, i am delighted to have stumbled upon your website - these photos allow others to live vicariously through your art - i commend and praise you for your vision and for your enduring appreciation of beauty, beauty that which is often lost and found again in the very same places - i look foward to your continued display of photographic excellence (including pilgrim pics)

Mr. Motts


Thanks! I'm hoping to get out more before the dreaded winter months set in.

Rene, thanks for the leatherman too, that almost sucked big time... Hopefully I'll see you guys when I get my lazy ass up North one day 8]



Outstanding site - total quality. Love the site design and the photography is all-business too. Looking forward to further updates.

Cheers - Groobs


Your site is great. I live in Oklahoma where there is a total lack of buildings of these eras. I think what you are doing is awesome keep the pics coming



hey, whats up...i don't know if you remember me, i went with you and cereal trespassers and ratfinks Dan (my b/f) to harlem, just wanted to say you take some amazing pictures! hope to see ya soon!




Unbelievable pics! I've been talking to people about the old Paramount Theater in Downtown Brooklyn that i explored years ago with just a lighter. I definately need to go back with a few friends, a few flashlights and my camera after seeing these pics!

Great design work on the site and even better work on the history sections and architecture knowledge.



Sick Pics...they look great! I love the site too!!! Very creepy.



Site looks great! (makes me want to get working on a site myself) Your photos are are great as I'm sure you have heard many times, but they all capture the "mood" of these places extemely well, keep up the good work too. See you tomorrow in NY.

Mr. Motts


Thanks for stopping by.. feel free to comment on the site here or in an e-mail to me.

I will be trying to update this site as much as possible, and possibly making a flash version once I have some spare time... but until then, enjoy my orange html designs :)