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Donnie Picou


Tom, I would love to use one of your photograph's for a CD cover and would like to discuss with you if you are interested. Thenks, Donnie



Tom, I know I have asked you this question a few min. ago. But I think I posted it in the wrong place. So, I will ask you again. A few years ago You sent me some photo's of my sister's father's grave site at the hospital in New jersey. I think the headstone had some red on it not sure. I was going to enter them in my Family tree when my computer took a dive. His name was James McAvoy he was a patient there in Marlbaro (spelling) sorry I am not a good speller. you had a photo of his name from a list of the people who were buried there. My computer took a dive and I lost everything I had. My Family tree work everything is gone. I was wondering if you could send me the photo's again. I will pay you for them. Just let me know how much. Thank you for what you did before My sister broke down and cried over them when she saw them. my E-Mail address is or you can call me at 904-879-3907. I will be more then glad to tell you more of the reason behind the photo's then. Thanks again . Dave Demick brother to Mary McAvoy.



Mr. Motts. Have been following your site for about a year and LOVE your work. Was recently to the Outer Banks, and have noticed that you have no work from NC. There is lots of abandonment there as the Outer Banks slowly disappears, including a theme park. Since we were battling the effects of tropical storm Ida while we were there, I did not get the chance to photograph the park, but so badly wanted to! Would love to see the results of your excursion there should you choose to visit :-)

Frank C. Wilkins


I have enjoyed looking at your photos. I am curious as to how often you update? As I would like to send you some pictures from Alabama that you might find interesting.

David Thompson


Hi Tom,
Your photographs are stunning. A lot of time, effort and patience involved. Great work, keep it up.
I am also wondering if it would be possible to use your photographs for a backdrop video to accompany my upcoming gig in October. I am a dark ambient musician, and your images are perfect for this type of music. If you could let me know your response either way via my email, whatever you decide your work still rocks!
Best regards

Ed Mack


Hi Tom,

I am an editor at The History Press, a publisher of local and regional history. I'm extremely interested in working with you on bringing your images together as a book and telling the story behind these abandoned and lost places.

The History Press is focused exclusively on publishing projects of local and regional history, and we believe that we provide a vital community service. We handle all stages of the publishing process—from financing, editorial, design, and production to sales, marketing, and distribution—and compensate in the form of royalties.

I look forward to hearing for you. Thank you,

Ed Mack

Jennifer Venter


Good Morning Mr Motts. My Husband and I are coming to New York again in April 2016 and stumbled across this website whilst doing our next research. I am a photographer with my own company in Cape Town (South Africa) and loved your images. You have truly captured the soul of the places you have visited - for this well done !! Taking pictures is easy but capturing a personality, a life, a history of something takes a lot of skill and thought. All the best, Jennifer of Fleetingtime Photography


Hi Tom - I'm a photo researcher working with St. Martin's Press / Macmillan Publishers NYC/NY. I would like to include your images from your NORTH BROTHER ISLAND in my research for consideration as book jacket art.
Tom - would love the opportunity to discuss w you the specifics and answer any questions you have about the licensing and fees. Can you PM me please here? thank you! Laura



Tom, how can I connect with you via email? I am a producer and would love to discuss an opportunity with you. Thanks!



For one- love your website and especially your photos. I have been compiling photographs of old church ruins and various other abandoned locations in my home state, and at the moment I'm expanding and adding locations on my map. I'm wondering if it would be possible to obtain some of the coordinates for many of the locations that you have visited? Thanks! You're also more than welcome to check out my instagram page to see some of the photos that I have taken. :)


I love the site Mr. Motts and I have followed it for years. It really passes time at work.



A good work and photos :) I love forgotten places too. I wish you more cool trips.

Nicolas Levasseur


Hey Motts,

I have been a fan of your work and have followed it for years. You continue to amaze with the incredible locations you have been able to access and document for others to see! In the last few months a team of us went into production to film a 9 minute short film inside an abandoned mental hospital, one which you have been to. We launched the film online today and wanted to tell you that the second shot of the film is our attempt to honor your work, as it is inspired by one of your photos that has always been so iconic to me. Because of your influence on us and the culture of exploring these places we wanted to take your photo, as well as your greater idea of exploration, and bring it into the cinematic world we live in now. Hope you can check out our film at our website and notice your influence. Thank you for all of your work!!

- Project Senium


Love the site!! I'm inspired, entertained, fascinated.. on and on.



You've created my favourite place to relax and just wonder at the motivations of mankind. Am so appreciative - thanks!



Wow..all I can say is! I've been addicted to this site since I found it about a month ago, and I am just stunned by your talent, Mr. Motts! I myself am a "wannabe" I get to live vicariously through the photos here! I would give anything to be able to explore like this!

Mary B.


This is a fabulous site. I could look at these photos for hours! You've done a great job and the photos are just amazing and each one evokes different feelings depending on the subject. Thanks so much for sharing them here.

Paula Naujalis


I've been enjoying your photographs for several days now and must say that they are brilliant! What a great eye you have for beauty! But I have also come to the conclusion that you are either very, very brave or half crazy, what with the risks you take. And not just getting caught trespassing, but with the rotten floors and all that detritus.

Thanks for sharing your photos with the rest of us. Be safe!