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Patty King


Hi. I have been going through your website little by little as I have been on extended leave from my job. I love your photos. I am very into exploring abandoned buildings as well, but have not been able to do the extensive travel that you have to explore faraway places. That certainly is my dream. So far the major abandoned place I have explored and photographed is Western State Hospital in Staunton VA. It is a 2 hour drive from my house. I have the same fascination with exploring abandoned places that are decaying and have "no trespassing" signs. I actually did get arrested for trespassing once, after coming around a corner in an abandoned building and facing 3 police with their guns drawn. So I am trying to learn more tricks of the trade so that THAT doesn't happen again! Thanks for sharing these amazing photos.



Hi Mr. Motts, I have been looking for an abandoned area such as a town or a building to take my senior photos in, and found your website. Do you know if the Western State Hospital or the De Jarnette Center in VA have been developed and/or are open to access (and if they are equally still as beautiful as they are in your pictures)?
Please let me know by email. Thank you so much.

Ethan Carey


Hi Tom, I work for WRKI, a classic rock radio station in western CT and wanted to know if I could get permission to use some of your photos of the Bennett School for Girls for one of my blogs. The blogs are posted on and on the I-95 FB page. Could you let me know by email. Thank you.



Hi - I've been following your sight for a few years as I'm a huge fan of your atmospheric photographs of abandoned places (particularly hospitals) I wanted to combine my love of painting with my love of old beautiful abandoned places and wondered if you would consider allowing me to use a few of your photos as inspiration? I'd happily pay a fee and give you credit if you would consider it? Thanks Karen :)



I would love to purchase some of your photos for my home. Your work is amazing! Do you sell your photos somewhere?

deborah doria


to James Payne: I am from woodmont ct . u killed my brother in 1979, i will never forget that June day, I pray for u, Hope u are getting along as u are, i see u are staying in a nice place there, while u are there please think about Jerry Miliano Thanks his Sister


I saw your great pics of the deteriorated Transfiguration Church in Buffalo. I grew up there and went to that church days a week. There are old photos of it in it's glory, especially the angels you photographed so beautifully that still remain, on the Transfiguration Grammar School page on Facebook, when that church was in it's glory. Thank you for taking the new photos!

Mr McClernan


Mount Sinai hospital is currently begin demolished (March 2016). The section(s) that were turned into apartments still stand and at least some are occupied. It is unclear whether those residents will be relocated and the rest demolished as well. I will repost when I know more about the fate of this property.

Jenni Crane


Hello Tom, I would like to use one of you photographs of the Namur Citadel. I am a TV researcher, we recently filmed at the Citadel and we would like to use your photo in a TV show. Please could you email me on Thanks!


My whole family worked and retired from SLPC. As a child, on my mother's days off, she would bring me down to the Letchworth building with her to have lunch with her coworkers. Letchworth was absolutely beautiful. The mint green paint on the wall with the tiled floors and huge wooden doors. I had the opportunity to meet Audrey Munson, the first ever nude model who unfortunately was a patient there for over 60 years. Google her name; she is the one who posed for famous landmarks in new York city



I found this site a few years ago and love the photos. I find the beauty in the shots and can see how it might have looked when before the decay took over. You have quite a talent to take crazy amazing shots and some cajones to go into places like that! (I would probably find the first rotted floorboard and fall to the next level... I'm just that uncoordinated).
Anyway I come here often to see if there is anything new posted and most of the time I am never disappointed.


Hey. I came upon your website looking for abandoned places for an Urban Decay project I was working on. I noticed that you have nothing on Lincoln Way, Clairton PA. It's a dead end street that had about 16 houses on it. The place is completely abandoned now. The first person left in 1972 and the last person left in 2006. People just got up and left, leaving clothes, cars, food, TVs, etc. Some think they left because of the fumes from the US steel, or gas leaks. Others think it was something more supernatural.



I kind of stumbled onto your sight. I am so glad that I did. I live in Alabama so seeing your pictures of Bryce Hospital were really cool. Me an my partner in crime are planning on going there in the upcoming weeks. We live in that area. We like doing that same thing you do going to places that we should not go. We never take or move anything just pictures. It is really cool. Thanks for sharing your work.......

Eugene Fischer


I recently ran across your website and find it fascinating. I lived in New Orleans for years and remember the Dixie Brewery. I do have a suggestion for the site, the Charity Hospital in New Orleans. Also, the old Falstaff Brewery might be a possibility if it has not been redeveloped.



Hi Tom,

I remembered emailing you years ago and have always respected and enjoyed your work. I still live in Florida (gainesville area now) but will be in the Philly area from the 21st to the 25th and was wondering if you'd like to meet up and explore. I will have a rental a car and can drive up to Detroit if that's the area you'd prefer. Check out my Flickr account when you have a moment. I've been exploring for quite a long time and really enjoy meeting and showing other explorers around; let me know!

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Susan Watts


Tom or any mod, Please help me get back in to the forum. I have changed e mail addy's since I was here last but no matter what I do, I can't seem to register. If anyone can help (my username was Kitten7) please e mail me Thank you! I really miss this place!

Susan Watts


I love this site and used to be a member. Now, I cannot log in or re register. Someone please help!



Mr Motts, I wanted to ask if I can purchase a picture from you. It is from the NRL Satellite Facility (Spring Breeze) I work at a satellite facility on Offutt AFB and would like to use it as my desktop background. I know you used to make some pictures available as desktop's but I had never seen this one. Thanks, Ted (Nebraska)



Hello Mr. Motts, you may not remember me but I have followed your site now for several years. I just wanted to say you have done such a great job on this. I truly have enjoyed your images over the years. I look forward to more as time goes by :)


Glad to see you updating again, been following your website for years & can never get enough of your photos.