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What planet do you live on?



Ypsilanti State Hospital brings back old memories of being a patent there. The stories I can tell of that place would chill you to the bone.



I had spent half of my teen life if not all of it at byberry and to see some of the pictures that are on this site it really brings back old memories, like fake security lol, and awesome party's ... But all that aside the site you have here is perrty cool.

Christopher Carnovale


I've been following your magnificent site for years, and also appreciate the poetic passages of your photo narrative. Perhaps you could someday add a journey to the Philadelphia shipyards, and photograph the decaying interiors of the only other remaining ocean liner (of pure vintage) that I am aware - that is, the "S.S. United States". It is a ship in constant reprieve of death row, and seeking funds for reparation. Unlike the "Queen Mary" that enjoyed a long run and is interred respectably, the United States liner is the last of the true ocean greyhounds launched perhaps at the end of the transatlantic era. I think you would create a serious buzz over an adventure such as this.

Pastor Bob


Just saw an article about the abandoned Navy Brig at Portsmouth Navy Shipyard. Looks like a fascinating place to add to your site- if you could get in.

Rain R


I never tire of your incredible shots... I can share some beautiful places around DC if your bored in our area.

Stephanie M Hollenberg Smith


I <3 this site :-) Thank you!

Chris Baron


Hi Motts,

We are making a big documentary series for PBS about the human brain and looking for some amazing locations for filming around Boston. You seem to be an expert so was wondering if you might be able to help us with a little advice on derelict locations that have a faded glory feel to them?

If you get a sec it would be great to hear from you.

All the best,

Akira Adare


Hey Motts,

My older brother showed me your site a few years ago. Despite life getting in the way, I've always drifted back here to admire your work. I love going through your galleries on off days.
They give a view into a world most of us would never get to see otherwise. You have a wonderful skill of finding what most people would overlook and show the beauty in it.
Thank you, sir. I hope to see more to come of your lovely work. Be safe and well.

Melissa dorsey


Am very interested in your photography as well as anyone that remembers the same time frame as me. Putting ghosts to rest.


♥I love the site♡

Chett Manly


Hey Motts, I've been following your work for on the site since '04 and I love everything you've done. It actually inspired me to do some urban exploration shots of my own. It would be a great honor if you check out my site which is

Keep creating

King Shan Yu


I love this site. I would love to be an urban explorer, but with no job and going to college I can't. Thanks to this amazing site I can at least get my fix of abandoned stuff. Keep up the awesome work Motts



I have just found this wonderful website, and very happy I did. Stunning photography and great history about all these places. You make me want to wander and explore more with my camera.

Matthew Terpening


Hi, this is a great site. Lots of great photos and information. Well done! I would love to share a bunch of your photos on my facebook page and print and frame a few for an exhibit that Im working on (credit will be given). I am in the begining stages of forming an actual museum devoted to the Kirkbride buildings. Please respond to my email so I can discuss a few things with you. Thank you and keep up the great work.

Facebook: Kirkbride's Asylum - Museum of Psychiatric Treatment



Hi Motts,
My name is George Convery. I’m a writer for a production company/ad agency in Baltimore, and we’re always looking for great subjects for a TV show. While we can’t claim to be urban explorers, we think a show about visiting/exploring the world’s most amazing abandoned places (e.g., Buzludzha, Nara Dreamland, the Super Conducting Super Collider, etc.) would be pretty compelling.

It looks like you are a well-respected expert on the subject, and we'd be very interested in speaking with you about our ideas. If it’s something you’d be interested in talking about some more with us, please e-mail me, so we can set up a call.

Feel free to visit our website to see some of our commercial and video work.

Thanks for your time,



i love this site,, tho not a great picture taker,, growing up in NYC, and CT,, i have been to many of these places,, even in europe where most of my family lives,, have seen much of Berlin, Liege, Brussels, Antwerp, Wales and parts of England,, kinda want to revisit places still standing,, and try photographing things.....

Jason Linetsky


Hi Mott! Fantastic to see new galleries up! Still bringing back amazing images. Keep it up!


Glad you are back! Since I live vicariously through your exploits, I was going through withdrawl!