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Is the color of the sky blue or green?



is the property for sale?

Al Jamison


Dear Tom Kirsch

My name is Al Jamison . I am part of group that is establishing the Western New York Preservation League. This organization goal is the presentation of the Castle on the Hill and other important landmarks.

We will be attempting to get this site listed on the National Registry of History Sites.

We are holding a seminar of the in January 1915.

Please email me back on information of how I get in touch with you.


Thank you so much for this beautiful and fascinating site, sir! I went through the whole thing in, I think, the summer of 2013, and I just stopped back in to catch up on the most recent posts. I long to do some exploring of abandoned places myself, but well... this girl has just never run with that kind of adventurous crowd and I haven't any idea how to get started without getting immediately arrested or falling through a floor. ha. I suppose I'll have to resign myself to living vicariously through your gorgeous photo adventures! I did, however, just read that you have lived in Detroit and Brooklyn... I'm from Detroit and I live in Washington Heights now! I'm feeling a little bitter that I never ran into you! I am rather hopeless at photography, but I am a writer a heart. Any time you feel like escorting a newbie on an adventure (that sounds appealing, right? haha), I'm your girl, and I'll write up a fantastic description of it. Promise. I'd love to explore one of the incredible islands here... Deal? ;)



Facinating! Thank you for preserving history this way.

Susan Watts


I was an opacity member, but long ago forgot my password....Gorgeous work, Tom. I'm envious of your photos and adventures.



Interestingly enough, I was listening to the song "Bethlehem Steel" by Grant Lee Buffalo which eventually lead me to this site. I have to say that this the most stunning and original work I have seen in a long time. And what a perspective shaker some of those pictures are! The abandoned mausoleum pictures were some of the most intriguing pictures I have seen. All I could think of as I was seeing them was, "How is it that a place like that can be abandoned?" Why would anyone want to desecrate a place like that? The scope of all of it was beyond me. I know it isn't just people who affect the place but the elements of weather as well. Regardless, it really stirred my view of life. You do amazing work, Mr. Kirsch. I am glad that I came across this site and I look forward to seeing more of your work.

mica in sweden


Stumbling is good........honestly stumbled into this.../while looking at-for abandoned Orthodox Churches in Russia, at Google Earth/ via Cane Hill, Coulsdon, UK - the strangest event.....
- and at first had no idea about the bad history of the over-crowded asylums; just looked at the architecture, the light, the peeling paint, lamps and the human behavior of leaving chairs behind. and piling stuff into rooms and whatnot
- never reading The Awesome, sometimes hilarious, Threads until much later.
Now have had a most fantastic Fun Every Day learning experience, about a lot of things, am forever grateful for, thanks to the wonderfully sharp-eyed talented keen kindhearted and loving Mr. M. and the fine Site, with such special pictures FTW.

Victoria Krawiec


I wanted to thank you for providing me with so many curiosities. I'm amazed every time I return for updates. Honestly, I browse this website hoping one day I'll find the asylum I pictured in my past life regression.
I currently live in Minnesota and I wanted to share this link, these buildings have a year left.




Greetings from Russia,
I'm member of Urban3p project, the largest urban explorers' website in Russia that has a database of more than 6000 various abandoned objects (industrial, military, underground) in the forner USSR.

You've done a lot of work to launch this site and find such interesting objects. What amazes me is the fact that in your country such objects as former factories. steel plants and hospitals can stand for decades without being torn in pieces by ravaging marauders looking for scrap metal and industrial equipment.
We don't have abandoned objects preserved for long - as soon as owners lift up the wards, locals and metal hunters start to steal everything valuable from the object, leaving only bare walls.

In contrast, American abandoned asylums and factories look just as if they have been abandoned just a few years ago.



I am back home after a long time, and i see a new rss link, new layout... wow, pretty work, Mr.Motts, i'm so glad you're back with new updates! I have an idea - i'd like to tweet your articles, could you add a Tweet Button next to the FB and G+ ones? Thanks. Rionka



I just recently stumbled onto your website & I have to say absolutely am thrilled browsing through your galleries! Almost a year ago I became an urban explorer myself, and am currently in a photography class learning the ins-outs of my camera. Seeing your shots makes me itch to get out there more!! If you ever get a chance, please email me with any tips or advice or tricks of the trade you would have for my furthering my own exploration (and if you have ever been in the state of TN yet!).

Keep up the great work!!

Monica Z


Thank you. Your pictures are amazing, your appreciation of art and architecture is amazing. No vandalism, no harm appreciate the way life used to be. I have been arrested for trespassing, with no harm and no vandalism intended (NOT associated with your site or any other urban exploration site). Just photography and a good old fashion appreciation for how the world used to be and how life went down in "the good old days". I just found your site tonight, and I'm glad I did. So, thank you.


Hi Motts, 8 years ago I stumbled upon your website and it fascinated me more than anything. I was 13 years old and started to make my first steps into the urbex world by exploring whatever was reachable on my bike. Now after 8 years I finally managed to make a website. Maybe you enjoy it :)

Thanks again for the introduction to this great hobby, and please keep posting awesome photos!


Juan Azcarate



We are starting a line of steampunk designer toys, and will be launching the project on kickstarter in the coming days. We love your pictures, and think some of them could work great in our intro video. Would it be possible to use a couple of your images? Needless to say, we would credit you in the video and the kickstarter page, and would be happy to make a contribution to your website depending on the success of our campaign.

Please email us if you would like more details about this project, and maybe we can discuss this a bit further.



Kaitlyn Ramaj


I am working on a project involving abandoned buildings. I stumbled across your site while doing some research on one of my very favorite places to regularly break into (Lorton Workhouse in Virginia). The site is magnificent. I would love to pick your brain in a more private environment and give you more information on the project. I didn't see any contact info on the site, so I figured this was the most effective way to reach out. Shoot me an email when you get a chance, I'd love to hear your take and perhaps even get you involved. Otherwise, keep up the good work!



I was wondering if it would be alright to use your photographs as reference for paintings. I will definitely credit you as the original photographer, I have a deep interest in abandoned buildings.



Vineland Training School's Menantico Colony
Located in Vineland, NJ US - is no longer abandoned. People live there. It's not got a camera'd gate!


Been a regular reader of this website for several years. In my opinion this is the best UE photography website. I think I stumbled upon it when I saw some of the wallpapers on a wallpaper site, and deicided to find Opacity.
I enjoy the photos, the stories, and the general feel. I have neither the courage nor the ability. I just like to browse the site while I listen to Dustin O'Halloran's piano music.
It feels like holiday everytime I see new galleries put up. Many others feel the same way. I'll try to contribute when I can to help keep the site running. I encourage other regular visitors to do the same.

jasmine lucibello


I love this site. I love kirkbride buildings they are so beautiful. What a lost so many of them are gone. Your beautilful pictures let see how magnificent they were. I would love to explore one like you have. It must be so exciting to explore one you have not before. Thank you for sharing them.